Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tuto mobile workstation helps analysts study sea turtles

tuto mobile workstation_01

A new mobile workstation called Tuto by 2y1dea is an ideal sea turtle care machine for people who work in the sea or are engaged in taking care of sea animals. By Designbuzz

Building adaptive capacity


As social, economic and ecological conditions continue to worsen and with the increasing sophistication and connectivity of information technology and social media, design for sustainability is now moving towards a new qualitatively different area of exploration: designing to build adaptive capacity. By Michael Sammet

Design Thinking: A useful myth

A powerful myth has arisen upon the land, a myth that permeates business, academia, and government. It is pervasive and persuasive. But although it is relatively harmless, it is false. The myth? By Don Norman

How low can you cellphone limbo?


AKA how simple can you design a mobile phone? Pretty darn simple. Designer Andrew Kim had a qualm with the HTC group, that being the fact that there’s no real perfectly simple way to differentiate between lots of “lower-end” phones and “premium models”, especially in the HTC line. By Yanko Design

What Your Web Design Says About You (Infographic)

Font and color choices in a website say certain things about the owner of the site. By Dona Collins

Softshell Velomobile

SoftShell Velomobile

Gone are the days of the usual 4-seater vehicles. Almost every car manufacturer looks towards making a model which would be another run off the mil. By Design Buzz

"Float" App Adds Easy-Reading Interfaces To Your Social Media Feeds


It's like Readability meets Twitter, but with a couple extra touches that make the reading experience smoother than ever. By John Pavlus

YouTube Redesigns Channel Pages: The Biggest Opportunities for Improvement

When are we NOT in the mood to go view a viral video? Whenever we get the urge, we typically head over to YouTube to see the best videos surfacing up all around the Internet. By ZurBlog

Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy

What is HCI?

iPhone's Home button


Apple notoriously applies for tons of patents, very few of which will make it into actual products. This one is interesting from a UI perspective. By Core77

Friday, March 08, 2013

MINI Folding Bike Lime

MINI Folding Bike Lime

MINI's new folding bike brings a splash of color to the streets and showcases a fascinating and versatile new way to get around. The eye-catching lime punch-coloured bike guarantees confidently stylish visibility on the roads and is perfectly suited for commuters.

Ergonomic Table For Your Laptop

It’s an age-old agenda, to have the perfect setup that allows you to work on the computer endlessly and yet maintain the correct posture. By Yanko Design


Of the recent concepts using Windows Phone OS, I think the Alcatel Concept Unicorn Phone has my vote for being designed differently. By Yanko Design

Why Ebay Redesigned To Look More Like Pinterest

Why does the new eBay look a lot like Pinterest? Envy? Maybe. By Fast Company

5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum

Museums today compete for attention in a wildly difficult environment: If you’re a youngster, why stare at a Greek urn when you could blow one up in a video game? By Fast Company

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe

Have you ever had an idea for a website or application? It’s easy to come up with the idea, but the hard part is understanding how that idea will take shape in user interface form. This is where sketching is useful. By UX Movement

The Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design

The Fundamentals of Experience Design

“What’s the difference between Information Architecture and User Experience?” The line always seems to blur between the two, even though there’s clearly a difference. By UX Booth

A Look Inside Mobile Design Patterns


Design patterns for mobile are emerging as the platform matures. By UX Booth

Designing for Mobile

The first thing we need to understand about mobile design is that it’s different – and not just with regards to size. By UX Booth

A Loose Heuristic for Mobile Design

Hampton Catlin's list of design principles for the mobile web is based on his experience designing Wikipedia Mobile. By UX Booth

Design for Readability

Compared to their print counterparts, the web versions of many magazines give readers a decidedly poor reading experience. Most websites follow a lackluster design model. Will digital publications ever be able to compete with the reading experience that printed ones have bought readers to expect? By UX Booth

Designing for Behavioral Change in Health

Designing applications to encourage a certain kind of behavior (especially with regards to health) is a rapidly emerging subfield of interaction design. Best practices are constantly evolving. By UX Booth

Conducting Usability Research for Mobile

Cyd Harrell talks about conducting user research on mobile devices. By User Interface Engineering

Is Google Glass Limiting or Liberating?

We've moved beyond devices. Our smartphones, our tablets have become extensions of ourselves. And the most perfect example of this is Google's upcoming glasses Certainly, it's the most organic, electronic extension. Yet it might be the most limiting. By ZurBlog

3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

5 Rules for Designing Like Apple

Read the article here

4 Benefits of Unmoderated User Testing

Product designers are rushing to adapt to our increasingly mobile world. With advancements in tools that allow us to record behavior and collect data quickly, they are turning to unmoderated user testing so they can test without facilitator bias. By ZurBlog

Don't App Block Your Users

Stop me if this has happened to you. You're standing in a long checkout line, bored to tears. So you pull out your smartphone to what's going on in the world. But when you open your browser to your favorite news source, you've hit a block. An app block, to be precise. By ZurBlog

The Complexity of Simplicity

What does "simple" actually mean? People can always tell when something is simple, uncomplicated, elegant, not overworked, or a number of other near-synonyms, but can rarely articulate why something is simple. By UX Magazine

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tactile mobile phone for the blind

Unlike typical cell phones which rely on claw grip or finger tip action, 'touching' utilizes palms for an ergonomic user experience. By Design Boom

Dreamer two-in-one pen and stylus by udo studio

See more here

Volvo v40 helps save lives with deployable pedestrian airbags

After originally debuting at the 2012 geneva motor show, swedish auto manufacturer volvo has released the 'V40', which is equipped with a handful of high-tech safety features, including the world's first pedestrian airbag system. sensors located in the front bumper can detect contact between a person, causing a pyrotechnic charge to blow the front hood in an upward position, deflecting the user away from the windshield into a cushioned airbag. active at speeds between 20-50km/h, the system reacts in hundredths of a second. By Design Boom

Microsoft’s Vision Of The Future Is Trapped In A Box

Read article here

Replace Your iPhone Interface With A Dieter Rams Classic

Read the article here.

Why The Human Body Will Be The Next Computer Interface

By now you’ve probably heard a lot about wearables, living services, the Internet of Things, and smart materials. By Fast Company

Fuseproject Remakes The Game Of Golf

Cyclists have Strava. Skiers have EpicMix. Even casual athletes have devices like Fuelband. Golf, on the other hand, is different. Read the article here

8 Brilliant Concepts For The Future Of Wearable Tech

Wearables are taking over. Whether it’s the Jawbone Up or an Apple iWatch, gadgets that live on our bodies will give rise to a level of data about ourselves and our environments that we’ve never had before. By Fast Company

V-tent solar-panel parking system

One of the main reasons why electric vehicles have failed to take off as the primary means of personal transport is that the infrastructure to keep these vehicles charged hasn’t really been developed at the same level as the ones for fuel run vehicles. By Designbuzz

The Magical iWatch with Naturalistic gestures

Spread template 2011

Apple has a long history of creating new products in open with wide publicity,but its iWatch is being created in a fortified closet where about 100 workers are working on it. By Designbuzz

Realizing the UCD Method Exploration Tool

This tool is an online platform where user-centered design professionals can explore and compare UCD methods, developed by Tristan Weevers within the Design for Usability research project. Read the article here

The Port Vieux Pavilion: A Mirrored Canopy Constructed on a French Wharf

The Port Vieux Pavilion: A Mirrored Canopy Constructed on a French Wharf mirrors France architecture

Recently unveiled in Marseille, France this giant mirrored canopy called the Port Vieux Pavilion was designed by architecture firm Foster + Partners. By Colossal

Monday, March 04, 2013

Audio interview with Clement Mok

Clement Mok is an award winning designer, digital pioneer, software publisher, app developer, author and design patent holder. By The Design Observer

Friday, March 01, 2013

This Amazing Bionic Hand Can Actually Feel Someone’s Touch

About 50% of amputees don’t use their prosthesis because of relatively basic issues of design--comfort, aesthetic, and controllability. By Fast Company

Fresh From TED: A Mind-Blowing App That Could Remake Mobile Retail

Fresh From TED: A Mind-Blowing App That Could Remake Mobile Retail

What You Click Is What You Wear, which Lee developed alongside Daewung Kim, is a means to try on clothing virtually. It’s not intended to be a shopping platform, but rather a working prototype of what’s possible “when information lives in our space.” By Fast Company

How Grocery Store Design Is Wrecking The Planet

How Grocery Store Design Is Wrecking The Planet

At the supermarket, every soccer mom is a queen. Because even the most mundane of Super Walmart contains edibles from around the globe, some fresh, some manufactured through millions of hours of food science. There’s a whole global food economy doing our bidding. By Fast Company

Keepod, The Desktop That Fits In Your Wallet, Takes On Israel

Credit cards, key cards, identification cards, but what about computer cards? Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry all your computer information with you on a card that fits nicely into you wallet? And wouldn’t it be even greater if on top of computer information, this card could store all your digital information? By No Camels

The 12 Trends That Will Rule Products In 2013

Think 2013 will spell the end of good old analog and human interaction? Eh, not so fast.  By Fast Company

Monday, February 25, 2013

17 of the Most Mysterious Corporate Labs

Everyone from giant defense contractors to retailers like Walmart and Nordstrom are putting their brightest minds in dedicated labs to attempt to jump ahead of the competition. Here's where they do it. By Yahoo

Puma's biomimetic mobium runner


Sneaker innovation (or the Footwear Novelty Gimmick Contest, depending on your point of view) continues. Hot on the heels of Reebok's crazy ATV-style shoe and Adidas' Boost foam comes Puma's Mobium Runner, a sneaker that "expands and contracts with your foot." By Core77

Light Saber Can For The Sight Impaired!

The Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane! It removes the inconveniences caused by a traditional cane for the blind and replaces it with scientifically enhanced saber-like device. Its designed not to be very long and uses rays and ultrasonic sensors to determine distance measurement, and thus help the sight impaired to navigate their surroundings safely. By Yanko Design

DeskSpace Phone

The DeckSpace Phone is more of a prototyping experiment focused on designing a phone with a new user experience. By Yanko Design

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