Friday, December 29, 2006

Designing the Future

In a new interview series, NEWSWEEK talks to a leading ecological architect whose goal is nothing less than eliminating waste and pollution.

The Changing Face of Design

Photo of Mark Rolstonfrog design's Senior VP of Creative, Mark Rolston, talks about the changes afoot in today's creative world.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Welcome to the Australian Design Awards

The Australian Design Awards, a division of Standards Australia, is recognised by the Commonwealth Government and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design [ICSID] as the peak promotional body for the Australian design industry, and for its important role in fostering a broad based culture of design and innovation in Australia.

Best Innovation and Design Books for 2006

BusinessWeek magazine looks past obvious titles to compile a list of books that will inform the thinking about innovation beyond this year.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Design Site of the Week

Worrell, Inc. is our design site of the week. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota; they specialize in Product Definition, Product Strategy, Product Platform Planning, Design Language, Future Scenario Development, Concept Visualization, and Technology Commercialization.

Design Directory

Design Directory is a great site that delivers design news, competitions, forums and links.

Anne Black
Anne Black
The Concept & Design
The Concept & Design
Bilgi Karan
Bilgi Karan


ThisNext is a Los Angeles-based, venture-funded Web 2.0 company committed to improving the overall quality of the Internet shopping experience by offering a platform for personal product recommendations and discovery. ThisNext is being built by a team of seasoned Internet entrepreneurs, editors, and bloggers. To see what else we are up to and interested in (besides ThisNext, of course), visit our blog.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Design's Night of Glamour

On Oct. 18, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum presented the 2006 National Design Awards. But behind the sparkle is a work in progress.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Real buildings have curves

Frank Gehry's madcap designs attract their share of fans and foes.

See more of Gehry's designs here.
Frank Gehry, The Architect's Studio.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reddot Design

With over 4,000 entries from 40 countries, the red dot design award ranks among the largest design competitions worldwide. The coveted trophy is the red dot, the international seal of quality for outstanding design.

But the red dot is more than just the seal of quality from a competition: it stands for acceptance among the very best in design and business.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Presentation Zen

Check out this great blog by former Apple employee, Garr Reynolds, who discusses issues related to professional presentation design.

Case Study: TV Guide Website Strategy and Design

Screenshot of When TV Guide was founded, its primary function was to inform consumers what was on television, when, and on what channel. But to compete in today's online media market, needed to become a forum for both information and connection. The company came to frog for a complete website overhaul, eager to bring their publication more effectively out of the grocery store and onto our computer screens.

Strategy by Design

In order to do a better job of developing, communicating, and pursuing a strategy, the head of Ideo says, you need to learn to think like a designer. Here's his five-point plan for how to make the leap.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Design Engine

Trade journal for the education of product design professionals.

Design Addict

Design Addict is your resource for modern, post-modern and contemporary design of the 20th-21st centuries where you'll find information on designers and producers, on furniture, lighting, dinnerware and accessories.


Design Within Reach provides easy access to well-designed furnishings traditionally found only in designer showrooms. They are a one-stop resource for some of the most exciting furniture designers internationally.

Top Innovation & Design Programs

Design As Storytelling

We all love stories. Stories breathe meaning into the stuff of life. But what about visuals? Can they tell a story? I sure as shine-ola hope so! It's how so many of us make our living. Read this article from Terry Marks in How magazine.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Burn Rubber, Not Gasoline

Whether you‘re more concerned about global warming or about national security, there‘s one thing we can probably agree on: our dependence on oil is dangerous and costly. See the new era in future design car design.

Friday, September 29, 2006


For more than 70 years, Frank Lloyd Wright showed his countrymen new ways to build their homes and see the world around them. He created some of the most monumental, and some of the most intimate spaces in America. He designed everything: banks and resorts, office buildings and churches, a filling station and a synagogue, a beer garden and an art museum. From his first house to his final masterpiece, follow Frank Lloyd Wright’s extraordinary career, his life, and 20th century American architecture.

Reweaving the Web. Where is graphic design in the new order?

Last summer a large black-and-white spider, an Araneus cavaticus, to be precise, made his home in my Brooklyn garden. He moved onto my side porch in late summer to catch flies and a bit of the breeze away from the competition of the other spiders in my garden. In the ...GO

What is graphic design?

Suppose you want to announce or sell something, amuse or persuade someone, explain a complicated system or demonstrate a process. In other words, you have a message you want to communicate. How do you “send” it?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

If you can't explain the design, it must not be right yet

Steve Calde Communicating design concepts
without getting skewered

by Steve Calde

Different approach to scooter design

Widgets We Love

The scoot concept recaptures the moral high ground from the Vespa and every other mini-motored vehicle. A collaborative effort from GRO Design, TIM Modelmakers, and Korff & van Mierlo, it'll go 25 to 30 miles at about 20 mph--silently, cleanly--on plain old electricity.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Power of Ideas

For more than 30 years, designer Paula Scher has conducted a conversation about design. In the process she’s profoundly shaped America’s visual culture. The results are everywhere.

See the Quicktime movie from Hillman Curtis.

The Mind Reader

He studies who we are and what we want, then reinvents the things we've always known. Meet Steve McCallion, creative director for Ziba Design; located in Portland, Oregon.

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan IveThe winner of the Design Museum's inaugural Designer of the Year award in 2003 was JONATHAN IVE (1967-), senior vice-president of design at Apple whose innovations include the iPod and iMac. Read the interview on how he got started.

IDEO refines design

A tiny firm called IDEO redefined good design by creating experiences, not just products. Now it's changing the way companies innovate.