Monday, February 25, 2013

17 of the Most Mysterious Corporate Labs

Everyone from giant defense contractors to retailers like Walmart and Nordstrom are putting their brightest minds in dedicated labs to attempt to jump ahead of the competition. Here's where they do it. By Yahoo

Puma's biomimetic mobium runner


Sneaker innovation (or the Footwear Novelty Gimmick Contest, depending on your point of view) continues. Hot on the heels of Reebok's crazy ATV-style shoe and Adidas' Boost foam comes Puma's Mobium Runner, a sneaker that "expands and contracts with your foot." By Core77

Light Saber Can For The Sight Impaired!

The Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane! It removes the inconveniences caused by a traditional cane for the blind and replaces it with scientifically enhanced saber-like device. Its designed not to be very long and uses rays and ultrasonic sensors to determine distance measurement, and thus help the sight impaired to navigate their surroundings safely. By Yanko Design

DeskSpace Phone

The DeckSpace Phone is more of a prototyping experiment focused on designing a phone with a new user experience. By Yanko Design

IDEO's Paul Bennett

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How your smartphone will get smarter

We all have our fantasies, we just don't always make them public. But for these tech-savvy designers, sharing their wildest dreams and making them a reality is what it's all about. So, here are 12 of the weirdest and most wonderful phone concepts from the last few years. <!-- -->
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Some might be made, most probably won't, but we can all indulge in a a flight of fancy from time to time. For American designer Michael Laut, the Radia concept phone is all about simplicity: Sleek, circular, transparent, touch-sensitive and small enough to slide in his top pocket.

Today's smartphones are much more than phones -- they are powerful, networked multimedia computers, and over the next 10 years they'll get far more advanced. As a result, mobility is transforming many day-to-day processes -- including how we sell, communicate, collaborate, train, and educate. By CNN

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Using Mind Maps for UX Design: Part 2 – Research Maps

How to use mind maps to create “sketch maps” that organize ideas in a tree-based structure where sketches are used as the way to illustrate those concepts. Mind maps have many other applications for UX designers. This article will focus on how to use mind maps for user research. By Inspire UX

 See Part 1 here

How Design of Mobile Apps Can Promote Healthier Behavior

To help cut health-care costs and enable consumers to live longer, healthier lives, companies can entice people to health technologies if they woo them into sharing and celebrating, a design consultant says. By The WSJ

Can This Design Student Build An Open-Source Alternative To GPS?

Maps are power. Those who draw them control the public’s access to the world at a fundamental level--for example, in the 1500s, maps of the New World were worth their weight in gold. These days, we rely on the Global Positioning System, developed by the Department of Defense during the Cold War. Though it’s publicly accesible, GPS is still a closed system, meaning the government can shut it down or edit it as they see fit. By Fast Company

Sunrise app

Sunrise App: It’s A New Dawn For Google Calendar

A new iPhone app reskins GCal and invites your Facebook friends to the party. By Fast Company

5 Design Challenges That Could Derail Apple’s iWatch

The Nike+ Sportwatch, powered by a TomTom GPS. The relative simplicity of that integration belies the difficulty of creating an iWatch.

Frog’s Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston and Disney Research visionary Ivan Poupyrev share their thoughts on Apple’s blitz for your wrist--namely, that a company most recently focused on "thinner, faster, and lighter" will need to remember a more important point: practicality. By Fast Company

Why You Shouldn’t Call Yourself A Social Good Designer

Frog’s Robert Fabricant discusses the work his firm is doing to design new solutions to improve health outcomes in the developing world, but why he never calls it "giving back." By Fast Company

Monday, February 18, 2013

A deeply thought-out plan for EV charging stations

To see more electric vehicles on our roads, we'll need to build more stations for charging them. WXY's new report shows us how to get started. By Fast Company

Bridge design

The whiteboard at Path where all the magic happens.

A new program by the designer fund will pair great designers with great startups.  By Fast Company


An Incredible Keyboard App That Lets You Type Without Looking At Your Screen

Ioannis Verdelis and Kostas Eleftheriou, the two Greek computer scientists behind Fleksy, didn’t just set out to make a better touch-screen keyboard. By Fast Company

4 Lessons from the web’s most ruthlessly addictive site

With its four-foot-long home pages and hundreds of sidebar images, the Mail online breaks every rule of web design. By Fast Company

Bosch automated driving and assisted transportation systems

bosch automated driving and assisted transportation systems
As self-driving cars continue to progress in new technological developments, new safety measures are being introduced to reduce accidents and pedestrian casualties. By Designboom

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking beyond user-centered design

UX design is the discipline: what we do. Precise definition is elusive, but most attempts focus on experience as an explicit design objective. By A List Apart

Infographic: the intricate anatomy of ux design

This mega graphic attempts to tackle the relationship between ux and all other aspects of design. By Fast Company

User experience in startups

Making a fresh start with a new organization is always an exciting time, isn’t it? Especially when that organization is a startup. By UX Matters

Storyboarding in the Software Design Process

Using storyboards in software design can be difficult because of some common challenges and drawbacks to the tools we have. The good news is that there’s a new, free tool that tries to address many of these issues. By UX Magazine

Smittybilt G.E.A.R.


For those who live in areas where burglary isn't a problem, a car can be a handy place to store things. By Core77

Can BlackBerry rebrand through its products?

BlackBerry UK homepage with new visual language

When BlackBerry reminded everyone that it still existed this week with the launch of two new smartphones, commentators were falling over each other to announce that the company had ‘bet the house’ on the new products, which marked ‘one last throw of the dice’. By Design Week

Apple’s Troubling Quest to Trademark Store Design


Giving heat to the ongoing debate about the intellectual property rights in the architecture and design world, Apple has recently obtained a new registered trademark certificate from the U.S Patent & Trademark authority in order to cover its architecture, which can be called as the biggest aesthetic asset of Apple. By Design Buzz

Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Thinking at IDEO

Understanding Customer Journey Mapping

Expresso maker, designed for your microwave

Brewing world-class coffee is fairly inexpensive. All you need is a grinder and a kettle and some sort of combination of a funnel and filter. Good espresso ups the ante by about tenfold. By Fast Company

The inside story of Ubuntu's gesture-centric smartphone

No home button. No lock screen. The open-source smartphone is all about gestural interfaces--but does it go too far? By Fast Company


Ideo and Apple alums reinvent mobile email. By Fast Company

The world's 50 most innovative comapnies 2013

Fast Company's annual guide to the of innovation in our economy. By Fast Company

Friday, February 01, 2013


The Ecologic Aircraft by designer Daphnis Fournier aims to be the first fully electric passenger plane, utilizing an inflatable structure above the main cabin that contains flexible photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy while flying above the clouds. By Yanko Design

Vacuum for the blind

The Vivacuum is a compact cleaner for people who are visually impaired. The appliance gets its ‘Vi’ prefix by compounding the words visualize and vacuum. By Yanko Design

Erascan can scan

Erascan is a whiteboard eraser that scans the written matter on the board while erasing and saves it onto an inbuilt memory chip. By Yanko Design

Why Top Execs are Starting to Care About UX Design

Jesse James Garrett, who is a pioneer in user experience, sits down with Revolution to talk about why user experience deserves the attention of the c-suite.

Should We Focus on User Experience?


Our current notion of UX design mistakenly focuses on experience. We should go one step further and focus on the memory of an experience instead. By Mashable

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