Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Design of Design Studio

Iteration two individual sketching

This article is part two of the series that began with Introduction to Design Studio Methodology. While part one explained the why and what of Design Studio, this article deals with the logistics and mechanics. By UX Magazine

Sunday, October 02, 2011

What Is A QR Code And How Does It Work?


By now, you’re probably pretty familiar with QR codes (a.k.a. 2-D bar codes), whether or not you realize it. By YoutheDesigner

How to Make a Good First Impression as a Freelance Designer

If you ever plan to make it in the world of freelance design, you have got to master your first impression. Many clients will hire a designer based on first impression and – as they say – sometimes the first impression is all you get. By YoutheDesigner

9 changes for your design business

When you’re running a design business, it’s always important to keep track of your profit margin. But sometimes increasing profit can be difficult. Here are 9 small changes you can make today that will boost your design business’ profitability immediately. By YoutheDesigner

Breathe Easy

What we have here is a brilliant idea that can go on to save many lives during a smoke crisis in subway trains. However it does come with its set of flaws. By Yanko Design

Innovative Observation Tower

The result of a study into the application of Ultra High Performance Concrete, this 25 meter high observation tower by UNStudio really puts the material to the test. By Yanko Design

The Art of Solar Printing

The Tanning Printer is a solar powered printer that doesn’t use cartridges. Instead it uses the process of sun-tanning the paper! By Yanko Design

10 incredible wristwatches for you fanatics

 Devon Tread 1 watch

Gone are the days when watches were used just to tell time, nowadays they have become a very hep fashion accessory. By DesignBuzz

10 transparent gadgets for that see-through fun

Cellphones are no longer a functional necessity. They have social, societal, class, strata and fashion implications that simply cannot be ignored. Thus while the race is on to get trendier and classier mobiles, another race has begun to get out ‘glassier’ mobile phones! By DesignBuzz

Seven innovative timepieces for the visually impaired

Visually impaired people lead a hard life because they have to depend on others for almost every step they take. Modern times are making their lives easier as designers are coming up with products/gadgets that have been designed keeping this section of the society in mind. By DesignBuzz

Transparent gadgets embarking a new trend for the stylish

Our priorities of acquiring gadgets include presentation in the top most category as the modern customer requires enhanced features along with an attractive and futuristic design that is in sync with the technological advancement of these times. By DesignBuzz

Seven carbon fiber motorbikes to fortify your ride

Motorbike clad in carbon fiber

In the world of hardcore bikers, nothing matches the passion that a steel and aluminum work of hand-sculpted beauty can evoke. Except bikes modded with carbon fiber, of course! By DesignBuzz

Seven innovative and eye-catching iPhone concepts

 NAK iPhone 5 concept

Apple iPhone is the phone of the era. The magic product has gained ruthless dominance in the world of smartphones thanks to its superb design and high-quality display and components inside. Since its official arrival in 2007 iPhone has not allowed any other smartphones in the world to question its supremacy. By DesignBuzz

10 highly innovative bike stands for urban areas

Giant Comb Rack

Also known as a bike rack, a bike stand is a device that can securely attach bicycles to it. The bike stands can be designed for indoors as well as outdoors. They come in various styles like the Serpentine, U, Grid, Bollard and Decorative. By DesignBuzz

Design play, student winner for strategy/research


Design Play is Design Thinking for children. It is an open-ended, foundational creative framework that builds on what children already do as they play. By Core77

Michelin announces lightwieghting theme for 2013 design competition


Pursuant to the current prevailing business wisdom that less is more, Michelin has announced the theme for their 2013 Michelin Challenge Design Competition: "HALF! Lightweight with a Passion." By Core77



TrakRok vehicle is an alternative design solution intended for all season off-roading mobility. Powered by sustainable renewable energy, the vehicle is composed of light weight exoskeleton assembly construction. By Core77

IKEA interior designers dem small space solutions


IkeaMalaysia has started posting a series of videos featuring their interior designers giving tips on how to squeeze every last inch—sorry, centimeter—out of a living space. By Core77

A better world by design

Society needs to "address what we have [in order] to reduce energies," as opposed to continuing to build new architectural projects. Truly sustainable or net-zero buildings should focus on the large steps to reducing energy usage, such as insulation and building envelope, as opposed to the "sexy green" of green roofs and other mostly-aesthetic elements. By Core77

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Milestones in mHealth: frog and UNICEF’s Innovation Workshop

As part of our Mobile Mandate initiative, frog hosted a two-day gathering that brought together key stakeholders across UNICEF and its partners to look at how mobile technology for development can help deliver, monitor and mange results for the world’s most disadvantaged children. By Frog Design

The Weekly Digest #001

 The Weekly Digest #001

Films, apps, resources, sites and other goodies worthy of your attention. By Frog Design

What Visual Designers Can Learn From Biggie Smalls

 Biggie Smalls

This post isn’t about the tribulations caused by disproportionate, newly found wealth, but instead about Biggie’s writing process - his creative approach. By Frog Design

Sometimes A Brand Isn't Worth Saving. Here's How To Tell

Five questions to ask before deciding whether to invest in a rebranding campaign or pull the plug. By Jump

A Turntable Made Of Recyclable Parts

To boost brand awareness, Matthew Lim has designed an audio system geared toward a younger market. By Belinda Lanks

What Shoelaces Would Look Like As Architecture

Prime your gimmick radar: Adidas has moved into a new research facility that’s being billed as an architectural visualization of shoelaces. By Suzanne Labarre

Streaming Real-Time Data About NYC

IBM's giant LED screens, streaming real-time data at Lincoln Center, are both beautiful and terrifying. Yikes! Is that really the level of particulates in the air? By Linda Tischler

Fallingwater Turns 75. How Is It Still Standing?!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s career masterpiece is three quarters of a century old. The American Institute of Architects pays tribute with a comprehensive microsite that includes an interactive feature on Fallingwater’s (many) structural repairs. By Suzanne Labarre

An Office Chair With Built-In Video Instruction Manual

Steelcase's ergonomic Leap office chair has a QR code on it that launches a video teaching you how to adjust it perfectly to your posture. By John Pavlus

American Firms Now Embrace Design

Frog's Robert Fabricant argues that American companies no longer stand for real innovation in design--and that includes Microsoft (obviously), Google (okay), and Apple (really?!). So the trick is to empower a new generation. By Robert Fabricant

Sweden To Build World’s Wildest Indoor Ski Park

Sweden plans to compensate for an increasingly unsnowy climate by building a 750,000-square-foot indoor winter wonderland. By Suzanne Labarre

The Secret To Apple's Long-Term Success? It Always Prepares You For The Future


With the next update of iOS to version 5 on October 10th, it's going to happen again: Apple is going to invent the future by reinventing the past. And we'll all be ready for it because Apple has spent years preparing us for what happens next. It's part of the company's modus operandi--a part so subtle it goes mostly unnoticed. By Robert Hoekman Jr.

A Stunning Nature Pavilion That Evokes Eroded Rock

The Norwegian firm conquers the architecture world while staying true to its roots. By Belinda Lanks

Three Keys That Make Good Interaction Design Great

Janna DeVylder, president of the Interaction Design Association, breaks down a simple product--a reusable coffee cup--and shows how it succeeds in three vital areas: context, impact, and craft. By Janna Devylder