Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tablet Phone or Phone Tablet – You Decide

Mobikoma is a concept phone based on modules that fasten on to each other via micro locks. Each module has its own power supply and computing processor making it a powerful individual. By Yanko Design

Shopping Assistant for the Blind

The See assistive technology concept aims to alleviate some of the difficulties in the process of product consumption that affect so many people with visual impairments. By Yanko Design

Wheelchair for Air Travel

For those confined to a wheelchair, getting around on board an aircraft can be quite challenging & usually requires assistance from one of the flight crew. By Yanko Design

Connections are Everything

The conceptual Opportune smartphone app tracks a user’s interests based on keywords from their Facebook updates, web searches, and frequented sites and gives them real-time geolocated “connections” that might be able to help them with something they’ve been searching for. By Yanko Design

Moto-inspired Beemer

Simone Madella’s BMW Tandem is the latest in a trend of concept autos that take inspiration from motorcycles, mixing some of the advantages of both to create a futuristic, adrenaline pumping, and unique vehicle. By Yanko Design

Riot Slower Downer

With widespread protesting and rioting on the rise, it’s no wonder that concepts like this have become a more popular design subject. By Yanko Design

Equestrian Inspired EV

The Fayton, inspired by the natural (horse) and human (carriage) components of the phaeton horse-drawn buggy of the 19th century, is a project aimed at providing comfortable transportation with a minimal carbon footprint. By Yanko Design

Sublime Form of Ovum

The boxy classic form of washing machines has rarely seen any refreshing innovations. Yes, the tech aspects have seen performance shoot up; we get cleaner whites, brighter colors and drier washes. By Yanko Design

Steve Jobs and PowerPoint


One thing we need to constantly remind ourselves is that slides and other forms of projected visualization—no matter how "cool" they may be—are not appropriate for every context. By Presentation Zen

Silicon Valley’s New Secret Weapon: Designers Who Found Startups

Silicon Valley’s New Secret Weapon: Designers Who Found Startups

If you want to ship great products, writes the Designer Fund's Enrique Allen, consider having a designer in your founding group. By Co.Design

An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates

Why? Because pirates can operate when rules and safety nets break down. By Co.Design

Twist, A Flat And Balloon Whisk In One

Joseph Joseph creates a dual-purpose kitchen tool that also solves an age-old storage problem. By Co.Design

Safety Maps Help You Plan For Catastrophe

Paper can still save your life, in a networked world. By Co.Design

Could Twitter Help Us Create Smarter Transit Routes?

Infographic Of The Day: Could Twitter Help Us Create Smarter Transit Routes?

Eric Fischer used geotagged tweets to create maps of the most highly trafficked thoroughfares in major cities. By Co.Design

Ideo Offers 4 Strategies For Reinventing The Retail Experience

Ideo Offers 4 Strategies For Reinventing The Retail Experience

Retail environments are often the most stable part of the businesses they support. Shouldn't they instead be proving grounds for reinvention? By Co.Design

Pharmacy’s New Branding Cures The Design Blahs

Stockholm Design Lab gives the brand ID of a pharmacy chain in Sweden a big old happy pill. By Co.Design

5 Ways That Android Is Trying To Break The Mobile UI Paradigm

Android's design chief asks why we're still designing smartphone applications as if they were desktop software. By Co.Design

The Revolution Will Be Mobile

By 2012, 61 percent of the world's population—roughly 4.3 billion people—will rely on some kind of mobile device as an access point for exchanging information and communication. By Frog
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A World of Tweets

Frog created A World of Tweets, a web-based visualization using HTML5 that shows a real-time global map of Twitter hot spots. Toggle between map and satellite views or watch in 3D! By Frog
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CES: Intel Interactive Lifeform Generator


On interesting interactive installations at CES, Intel had an interactive lifeform generator called the Connect to Life Experience, which was a 168-foot-wide interactive 3D virtual life simulation designed by Stimulant and Foghorn Creative. By NOTCOT
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair is the Grand Tourer of racing wheelchairs

Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair

Unlike racing bicycles, touring bicycles aren’t as stripped back and thus allow cyclists to sustain performance over a period of time. By DesignBuzz

Superior e-bike to attract gen-next towards biking

In what could be considered as happy marriage between the academic and the practical, a diploma thesis for the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Brno (Czech Republic) and the manufacturing excellence of the Czech bicycle company, Superior, has resulted in the working prototype for an e-bike. By DesignBuzz

Five best flying motorbike concepts

The ever increasing number of vehicles has choked the roads very badly and it seems nearly impossible to escape the traffic congestion. By DesignBuzz
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Seven sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature

Want to get out of your daily, boring routine? Go for camping. It is not only fun and adventurous but also allows us to get closer to nature and shows us new facets and aspects. By DesignBuzz
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Self-sufficient underwater structures to sustain life in the future

 Self-sufficient underwater structures

The progress made by man is no doubt tremendous. Man has been able to reach the moon and do things that would be considered miraculous in the past - all with the aid of science and technology. Some things, however, still elude his control. By DesignBuzz
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Lesson From Steve Jobs: A Driving Vision Has 4 Key Elements

Steve Jobs often saw further than his competitors. His vision had four defining features that we can all learn from. By Co.Design

A $50 Cell Phone That Runs On One AA Battery

No fumbling for chargers with this burner. By Co.Design

With Fuelband, Nike Aims To Crush Jawbone Up And Overhaul Nike+

The Nike Fuelband cracks the problem of tracking your fitness, and is the beginning of a brand-new paradigm for the Nike+ franchise. By Co.Design
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Not a Pamphlet, It’s a Smartphone

Garipov put pen to paper and came up with the Smartphone Booklet – a disposable phone as thin as a cardboard made possible by switching from traditional silicon to nanoparticles. By Yanko Design

Time for a 3 D Phone

The Floating Phone gives us an idea of how 3 D cellphones will look and feel like. By Yanko Design

Sunday, January 01, 2012