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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Counting ring

One of the many reasons for mankind’s existence is to enjoy luxuries and things that give us pleasure, so we need to make money, and lots and lots of it. By Ritika Betala

Slendertone face

People are willing to go to any extent to enhance their face beauty, be it cosmetic surgery or excessive make up. By Ritika Betala

Velocity mobile concept

Don’t you think the iPhone has gone a bit too old and we need another dashing mobile design that can add a fashion statement to our lives? If you think yes then these mobile designs are what you should check out. By Amasch Qadri

iPhone Nano concept

iPhone Nano Concept 1
What if you take the amazing iPhone 4, throw a few inches off and add an iOS 4.2? By Aamir Ramone

Helping Everyone Read and Write: The abcDarian

The ability to read and write is taken for granted by most of us. We consider the right to education as a basic right. The majority of Americans have access to proper education; however, around 30 million people over the age of 16 have reading skills that are no better than an elementary school child. By Raunek Kantharia

Haptic Braille Reader Gives Portable Eyes to the Blind

The Haptic Braille communication device is a portable Braille translator and scanner inside a gadget shaped like a mouse. By Alice Stancu

NEOS: The future of biking

On mean city streets, the best friend a man can have is his trusted two-wheeler motorcycle. The two-wheeler can zip through traffic and allows the rider to reach from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. Motorcycles, ranging from sports bikes to cruisers, have also been used as an individual style statement. By Raunek Kantharia

The Innovative Concepts and Futuristic Designs of Igor Chak

We’ve all seen some of the beautifully designed cars out there. The Lamborghini Murcielago, the Ferrari Spider, of those gorgeous muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. However, there’s a lot of conceptual work the general public is never sold or gets to see on the streets. Welcome to the work of Igor Chak. By Shael de Pinto

22 Awesome iPhone and iPod Docks Concepts, Designs and Mods

As Apple never stops surprising us with its creation, Apple accessory designers also join the race to bring to the market the most innovative products to pamper Apple lovers. By Walyou

Friday, January 07, 2011

CES 2011

Here are more products on display at the CES show this year. By Yanko Design

Tree house camping

The Tree House (awarded with honorable mention by Susdesign and a subsequent exhibition at Centro Cultural de Belém) is a project created under the premise of innovation and sustainability made entirely of cork. By Yanko Design

CES 2011

This year’s CES sees incremental improvements, nothing revolutionary. However Ford has the distinction of being the first automotive company to reveal a new car outside a major automotive press event. Hit the jump! By Yanko Design

Starbucks Drops Its Name From New Logo

Starbucks's logo loses the company name to emphasize ambitions beyond coffee. By Suzanne Labarre

Nike Unveils Runner's Watch With Touch Screen and GPS

The beauty is in the details of the simple design and intuitive interface. By Austin Carr

L.A. Scores a Bold New Museum by Diller Scofidio

A $130 million art museum backed by philanthropist Eli Broad hopes to anchor a revitalized cultural center for the city's downtown. By Alissa Walker

Withings unveils blood pressure cuff for iPhone


A blood pressure monitor with a companion iPhone app makes it easy to track your heart health. By John Pavlus

Splashy new science complex is a floating city

Wolfgang Tschapeller's winning design for a building in New Belgrade hovers gorgeously in mid-air. Eat your heart out, Cobb! By Suzanne Labarre

Ten One Design bringing tactility to touchscreebs


We've seen this idea before, just not applied to the iPad: Ten One Design's Fling, a suction-cup tactile controller for touchscreens, when your finger just won't cut it. By Core77


Stephen Ronsheim is the other kind of industrial designer, the kind that designs industrial machines and assembly lines. While remodeling his own home, he ran into a design problem. By Core77

Yet another alternative design for wind farms


Here comes yet another wind-harnessing solution, this time from a Japanese company called Zena. By Core77

Casio goes innovative with Tryx


The blogs of CES-goers are abuzz with news of Casio's new Tryx camera, which boasts the most unusual form factor we've ever seen on a point-and-shoot. By Core77

Case Study: Humanair Air Purifier


With its focus on the design of the comfortable workplace, it would seem logical for the ergonomic equipment maker Humanscale to turn its attention to the quality of indoor air. By Peter Hall

An interview with Jesse James Garrett

Elements of User Experience, The: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond, 2nd Edition

Russ Unger interviews Jesse James Garrett about the new edition of The Elements of User Experience, what's changed since the first edition was released in 2002, why client work is still important to him, and the relationship between UX and the video game industry. By Russ Unger

The relevance of user experience

Is it possible to calculate the ROI of great design? What about the cost-per-acquisition of a customer sold on User Experience? There are no second chances for first impressions, and even the smallest opportunity is a chance to “Wow” users. By Nicholas Thomas

Why you need a user experience vision (and how to create and publicise it)

Many design teams launch into development without a shared vision of the user experience. Without this shared vision, the team lacks direction, challenge and focus. By UserFocus

Power or Collaboration—What’s Most Valuable to a UX Leader?

Do UX leaders need to acquire and wield power to ensure their organizations can produce game-changing design? If they don’t already have executive support, can they can collaborate their way to success? By Jim Nieters

The Future of User Interaction

EEG headset

To stay ahead of the curve when it comes to user research and UX design, we must keep in mind the new technologies that are currently under development and could influence the fundamental ways in which people interact with the products we design and develop. By Demetrius Madrigal and Bryan McClain

Storyboarding iPad Transitions

Figure 3: Opening iTunes Album Details Step-by-Step

Most designers will soon be asked to design transitions. Greg Nudelman helps us prepare by examining the principles behind a good animation, showing how to sketch them out, and explaining how to document them effectively for development. By Greg Nudelman

Design Challenge: Thinking Outside the Wrist

Time is a slippery fish for any creative professional. By David Sherwin

Wednesday, January 05, 2011



It seems that the visually impaired could be spoiled for choice with student design projects, as University of Washington design students Erik Hedberg and Zack Bennet offer up another, potential revolutionary, smartphone application for the blind. By Core77

Ziiiro Watches


Just when I think I've seen every possible variant of clock and watch design, someone comes up with a new way to represent those two little sticks that make us on time or late. By Core77

Flexible mobile device

flexible modile_02

With the latest technologies opening new horizons in the consumer electronic market, futuristic gadgets promise better looks and user interfaces to enhance the experience of the user. By The Design Blog

100 Things to watch in 2011

Spiral Garden System Fit for Urbanites

Another awesome concept from IIDA, the Spiral Garden System is a proposal for a sustainable public garden that’s totally self-sufficient. By Yanko Design

Super Flat and Retractable Cord

River Cheng a.k.a. Ho-Tzu designed this super-flat retractable extension cord to prevent tangles. By Yanko Design

Don’t Dial My Number

Remembering phone numbers is hard and although we have contact lists to assist, it can become quite cumbersome navigating huge lists. By Yanko Design

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

12 of the Year's Best Ideas in Interface Design

The past year brought us stories on everything from tweeting toddler toys and streamlined ATMs to news-reading apps and remote controls that magically change channels with a wave of the hand. By Susanne Labarre

13 of the Best Design Books of 2010

The past year saw dozens of dazzling design books hit the market. Here are 12 to check out. By Alissa Walker

Amusement Parks Stacked Up Like Skyscrapers

Ju-Hyun Kim bills his conceptual Vertical Theme Park as an eco-friendly antidote to the sprawling Six Flags of the worlds. By Suzanne Labarre

Mighty Building Facade Beats Solar Heat With Mechanical Muscles

Decker Yeadon's prototype for an expanding, contracting architectural skin has promising applications in green-building design. By Suzanne Labarre