Monday, August 23, 2010

Volkswagen Moog

A vehicle inspired by electronic music which suggests the visual and audible language our electric vehicles might have in the near future. By Klaud Wasiak

Astrum 2010 - concept car

Basically the idea was coming up with a new concept with different features and styles, the car comes in 2 colors, a dark grey and off-white color. The intention was for it to look like a sport car yet something fierce and big/strong at the same time. By Industrial Design

Award: Chicago Central Area Decarbonization Plan

By now, most architects realize that in order to mitigate global warming, we need not only build more efficient new buildings, but also retrofit the existing building stock so that it meets modern standards of efficiency. By Katie Gerfen

Tutorial: Create a Vector Infographic Poster

Infographic Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to create an infographic? By Chris

30 Modern Corporate Logo Designs

Brand Events Logo
Good company logos last for many years, great company logos last for a life time. By Adam Arbolino

7 insights to make you a great designer

Here are some tips to reignite your inspiration whenever you have a ‘designer’s moment’. By Sheena Mckinnon

12 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Emotive Analytics
One of the easiest ways to distinguish a company is by having a unique and memorable logo; however, creating a unique and memorable logo is not as easy as it sounds. By Just Creative Design

Electric Rickshaw

electric rickshaw_04

Developed for the “Peugeot Concours Design” competition, the “Electric Rickshaw” by Mexican designer Joao Lueiro is an urban mobility vehicle to commute safely on cramped city roads. By Naresh Chauhan

Designing for the iPad


Are we designing desktop programs, web sites or something entirely new? By iA

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Electric Car

Review of a sleeper among the new generation of electric vehicles. By Phil Patton

Understanding design for emotion models

With all the different models out there used to describe designing for emotion, it can be difficult to understand how to apply any individual model, or understand how all the models relate to each other. By Affective Design

A lovely take on the Product Manual (hint: make it interactive)

One could argue that “No Manual” needed is the pinnacle of product design but if you’re going to make a “manual” you could do far worse than this.

Using Multiple Data Sources and Insights to Aid Design

Often when we think of using data to influence our designs, we think of “data” in a very narrow way. By Catriona Cornett

Party hard ay Digital Summer and Meet Up with Yanko Design

Mark August 25th on your calendar and set it as a date to party hard with Yanko Design!

The making of Undercover UX Design

We appropriated the tools of our trade: personas, content analysis, user feedback and deep iteration—but it was trial and error that finally unearthed the process that worked for us. By Cennydd Bowles

Self Service Banking

Driven by the desire to make self-service banking more intuitive, BBVA and IDEO re-designed the ATM from the ground up. Three principles guided our team along the way: simple, human, and flexible. By IDEO

Here's some additional information.

Say Something

Jason Steven's 'Say Something' project engages designers to help kids aspire.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Phenomenon of Synthesis

At TEDXCreativeCoast, frog Associate Creative Director and Director of the Austin Center for Design Jon Kolko takes us on a designer's romp through reframing, rethinking, and generating creative ideas, grounding it with an academic understanding of the methodologies used by innovative designers. Jon's presentation draws from his vast experience in product innovation at frog to bring the principles of synthesis to us all.

Creativity Here & Now

Poetry Postcards from the Past 3 Years

Something people with creative jobs always struggle with, myself included, is that creativity often likes to take its sweet damned time. By David Sherwin

BMW's Starting a New Eco-Brand. What Gives?

What's behind the new name for BMW's forthcoming electric car? By Suzanne Labarre

Designers: Are Your Products Among the Decade's Best?

Which designs, over the past ten years, have had the biggest business and social impact? The iPhone? The Prius? The Kindle? By Linda Tischler

Create Design Magic on Demand

Is it possible to create design magic on a regular basis? Or do great design ideas arrive from the heavens? By Linda Tischler

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

iPhone 4 CAD drawings


CAD drawings of the iPhone 4. By Core 77

EV charging stations designed by lowercase-f design firms


Frogdesign has designed the Blink, an EV charging station that comes in both commercial and residential flavors. By Core 77

Apple introduces new input device

Decades ago Apple pioneered mass-uptake of the mouse, and now they're out to break new ground with a new type of input device: The Magic Trackpad By Core77

Koolhaus faucet monitors your water consumption


Daniel Dobrogorsky's Koolhaus concept is a faucet that lets you know how much water you're using--not just from the Koolhaus itself, but throughout the entire bathroom, even dividing the bath tap and shower tap into separate categories. By Core77

Beta workplace system


In office furniture design we've seen tons of would-be successors to the cubicle, but nothing's really taken root yet. By Core77

Heelys uses Eastman copolyester for new product category


Called the Nano Inline Footboard, the detachable device is not quite a skateboard, not quite a scooter, not quite inline skates. By Core77

The Strategic Arc of Interaction Design

Designers of interactions have the opportunity to move their purview beyond the shallow plane of interaction into the design of systems, organisational capability and culture; to tackle very complex problems and affect profound and lasting change. By Steve Baty

A Fresh Anvil Bike

Oh yes! A lovely new bike. ASI Kestrel hired Anvil Studios to design a fabulous new carbon filter Time Trial bike. By Yanko Design