Monday, April 11, 2011

Simplified Smartphone

The Triple Flip is an attempt to make smartphones more useful than they already are. By Yanko Design

More than a Cyber Cafe

Here is the Biz Café – a concept targeted towards the jet-set workaholics who need gadget ready environments even while relaxing with a cup of coffee. By Yanko Design

35+ Beautiful Mini Business Cards for Inspiration

There are some people that would do anything to stand out from the crowd and be different. Put on some clothes that would express their personalities or make a tattoo or something. By Adrian

Why do apps from the same company look worse on Android than on iPhone?

A UI perspective from Android Gripes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Most Important Words in Design & Business

Design is how people deliberately make simple things of value out of a complicated mess of options. By Zurb

Boulder Soup Works Case Study

Boulder Soup Works (BSW) is a small-batch soup producer from Colorado. They were founded on the idea that great soup, just the way our moms and grandmothers made it, should be accessible. By Processed Identity

Dion Star

The creative process of logo and brand design. By Processed Identity

There's Gotta Be Easier And Cooler Ways To Transfer Files Between Devices


So many people are working on innovative ways to send and receive files over a wireless network which is done through Bluetooth or infrared or whatever. By Innovation Playground

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the look and functionality of products. By Stanford Social Innovation Review

Using Design to Conduct a Problem-Solving Workshop

GOOD was asked to attend The Design Difference, a charrette held by the Japan Society, Common Ground, and the Designers Accord. By Alissa Walker

The Ultimate Touch Tablet PC?

Digital development tools are an integral part of design and construction processes. m • pad is a Tablet PC that is optimized for the needs of designers and developers. By Yanko Design

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Bike Rack That Rises in the Sky Like a Ferris Wheel

Are racks on the sides of buildings the future of bike parking? Suzanne Labarre

Take notes the easy way with Vivid Notes

vividnotes multitouch tablet_ym7uu_58

How did you used to take notes in school? The most common and traditional way of taking notes was doing it with the help of a pen and paper/notebook. By Jaspreet K. Walia

SERVO bioscience innovation center to exhibit extensive green roof

hydrophile lg

SERVO has come up with a very interesting proposal for a 4,000 square meter Bioscience Innovation Center. This center will be located in Albano region of Stockholm. By Deepshikha

Gravity Bike

mls gravity bike

Bikes are getting an all new form every now and then. The competition faced in terms of designing a bike has increased many folds. By Jaspreet K. Walia

Folded Leaf Phone by Huawei combines Functionality and Style like no other!

folded leaf phone

Mobile phones are no longer simple communication devices. The “smart phones” of today do a lot more. By Shiny Das

Sun dial watch that doesn't need sun rays

With modernization spreading its wings across the globe, the term style is becoming an essential part of an average person’s life. By Phanindra Kumar

Intel Digital Signage for a mystic shopping experience

digital retail_01

Its sale time and you plan to go shopping at the nearby mall. But just to see what all is available you have to run from store to store. Sounds quite tiring, doesn’t it? By Jaspreet K. Walia

Xin-Yu designs a new exuberant cathedral

exuberant cathedral _01

Art is as much about new convention-defying creations as it is about revisiting old traditions and trends. By Shiny Das

Virgin Oceanic to unlock the secrets of the oceans

virgin oceanic_01

When Richard Branson said that ‘a business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts’, he wasn’t just being rhetoric. By Design Buzz

Nokia and Fanboy


For ages, fanboys have pumped out concept renderings of different products and stamped a well-known corporate name on them to lend an air of legitimacy. By Core77

Better Ideas Faster: Handouts

Prototyping Interaction with Video Scenarios

Creative Workshop: Author's Talk at SxSWi

Creative Workshop presentation by David Sherwin

Look Where No One Else is Looking

It’s always a good tactic to look for examples of how a particular advantage or gap has been addressed in products or services outside of the situation you’re focused on. By Luke Williams

A Different Way to Design: No iMacs or Lofts Necessary

The author in the field-low resedit.jpg

A trip to Zambia reminds a designer that the best solutions don't come from good tools. They come from good teams. By Kate Canales

Tangible Thinking

For Max Burton, one of the aspects about industrial design that he enjoys the most is that he can combine thinking and making together at the same time.

I was recently invited to deliver a talk at Emily Carr University of Art and Design about what interaction designers do and how interaction design fac

exploding brain_large.jpg

The secret to design success? Invent something your customers can hack, remake, and customize—then let them run wild. By Adam Silver

The language of interaction

David Sherwin shares his talk at Emily Carr University of Art and Design about what interaction designers do and how interaction design factors into the worlds of design and art.

Thursday, April 07, 2011 Wants To Make It Easy to Hire Infographic Genius

The New York Times, of course, is the New York Yankees of infographics, regularly producing some of the best in the world thanks to a team of reporters, coders, cartographers, and designers that number in the dozens. By Cliff Kuang

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