Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boston Gets A Boa


Can the Dubai real-estate slump be blamed on ambitious projects that tried to recreate mini magical kingdoms? Don’t know, however that’s not stopped the designers from their creative thinking so let’s overview a challenging project that’s aimed for Boston residents. By Radhika Seth

Songdo Vision

See this video displaying images of future cities, or City 2.0.

A Master Plan Inspired By The World

With a commitment to sustainable design principles and the best practices of urban planning, Gale International and its partners have realized their vision for a new international city.

Cisco's Big Bet on New Songdo: Creating Cities From Scratch

urban planning, feature article

The world is bracing for an influx of billions of new urbanites in the coming decades, and tech companies are rushing to build new green cities to house them. Are these companies creating a smarter metropolis -- or just making money? By Greg Lindsay

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why We Should Teach Design Early

A group of Austin designers is helping students at a local high school recreate their campus. By Rob Stokes

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Guide to Mobile Web Design Tips and Tricks

Having a mobile-optimized web site can really make your site stand apart from the pack. Even though smartphones like the iPhone and Google Android devices can display “the full web,” having a web page formatted for smaller screens and with features that can take advantage of a touch screen, geolocation, or address book functionality can make the mobile web browsing experience that much better. By Christina Warren


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple's Proposed Multi-touch User Interface System

Looking at Apple's recent hardware and software patents in aggregate reveals a coordinated proposal for a multi-touch user interface. By Luke Wroblewski

Touch-based Virtual Controls

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantastic Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resources

Information architecture can be a daunting subject for designers who’ve never tried it before. Also, creating successful infographics and visualizations takes skill and practice, along with some advance planning. By Cameron Chapman

Infodesignpatterns in Fantastic Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resources

Monday, January 11, 2010

Compenion concept shows possible 2015 laptop evolution

Some concepts for laptops in 2015. By Chris Davies


Worlds lightest cash register

The EPOS-lite. The EPOS-lite is a concept for the worlds lightest cash register. Its design is inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. Chip & Pin Entry

Digit MP3 concept

No wires, just you, your DIGIT and your wireless.

Project Bee Helps, Doesn’t Sting

Project Bee is a talking, interactive GPS enabled navigation assistant intended for the visually impaired but there’s no reason why sighted people couldn’t benefit from it either. By Yanko Design

Project Bee - Navigation Bracelet For The Blind by Tao Lin

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tim Brown of IDEO & Designthinking: Extended Version

Sports Illustrated - Tablet Demo 1.5

Just How Innovative Is 3D Entertainment Technology?

There has been a sudden explosion of interest surrounding 3D entertainment technology -- driven in no small part by the phenomenal success of James Cameron's Avatar. By Dominic Basulto

The creative space

At Lehrer Architects, time spent pursuing art and design for personal development is an essential aspect of office life. By Edward Keegan

Disney’s Organization Chart Respects the Creative Process

@Issue Journal has shared a wonderful graphic visualization of Disney’s internal organization chart.

11 Design Strategies of the Next Decade

Olof Kolte on sustainable industrial design

Apple Is Pushing The Limits Of "Interactivity" And Going 3D

Apple is going to push the limits of “interactivity” and planning to go 3D. By Innovation Playground

HCI (Human-Computer Interactions) Is Fast Evolving To Deal With Emerging Computing Paradigms


Industry (aerospace, telecom, Ddefence, automotive, consumer electronics, etc.) has developed a growing interest in Human-Computer Interaction, as powerful and numerous features do not ensure a successful product at all without a clear usage understanding by their target users. By Innovation Playground

But What Does Meaningful Mean?

An illustrated guide for designing things that matter. By Joonkyung Shin

Re-Thinking Interaction Design

Our misguided focus on brand and user experience. By Jon Kolko

BlitzenBenz sports car

Inspired by the original Blitzen-Benz from 1909, designer George Yoo has developed a futuristic racing vehicle concept to take the Mercedes-Benz’s long lived racing heritage into the future. By Naresh Chauhan

mercedes benz blitzenbenz_04

Wear your computer around the wrist like a bracelet

Presented at CES 2010 under the Waveface system, the “Ultra” from ASUS is a wearable computer/cellphone concept that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, becoming a fashionable accessory for the trendy users. By Naresh Chauhan

asus waveface ultra_01

25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time

Here are 25 videos and related resources on the topic of user experience (UX) by different presenters at different events. By Janko Jovanovic

Imitatin In Design in 25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time

Human Factors in the World’s First “Purpose-Built” Law Enforcement Vehicle

Look out Batman. Take a look at the new purpose-built law enforcement vehicles that will appear in 2012. By The Human Factors.

Harley Davidson Circa 2020

Check out this bike! By Yanko Design

Harley Davidson 2020 by Miguel Cotto

The Quest for Real Unique Police Bikes

Unique design, 3D branding of the bike for the Police. By Yanko Design


Saturday, January 09, 2010

cannon design: richmond olympic oval

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are fast approaching, but many of the event venues are already completed, including the Richmond Olympic oval by cannon design. The six-acre building sits on the Fraser river near Vancouver and demonstrates the sustainability standards for the games.

10 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

Weather Cell Phone Concept

Collection of the most creative and interesting cell phone concepts.

MyFord Touch In-Car Interface

At CES, Ford announced their radically revised new instrument panels for driving in a digital world. Completely integrating the car's interface with other devices and services, the brand will introduce the system, called MyFord, not just in their high-end vehicles but across the line starting with 2011 models.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Study the planning/pictures of the Apple store in New York by the architect firm.

Apple Store - Glass Staircases

Apples covers all angles of design...even the stairs in it's retail stores.

Apple Plans To Move Palo Alto Store

Architectural documents filed with the Palo Alto (N. Calif.) planning agency reveal that Apple intends to move its current retail store on University Avenue to a new, larger space that will include a skylight and indoor trees.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh So Sleek Faucets!

Faucets are getting trendier and sleeker by the day. By Yanko Design


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rafael Viñoly's Designer Rx for Hospitals

Stanford Hospital

How do you design a building hosting so many social interactions and so much technological change? By Cliff Kuang

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Neri Oxman: On Designing Form

Architect Neri Oxman is the founder of MATERIALECOLOGY, an interdisciplinary design initiative expanding the boundaries of computational form-generation and material engineering. Named one of Fast Company's "100 Most Creative People in Business," Oxman investigates the material and performance of nature in an effort to define form itself.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I Daresay… SNAP!


This concept vehicle right here is called the “SNAP.”

Lights In Parts Only

EcoBulb Energy Saving Bulb by Seokjae Rhee

The LED EcoBulb is quite easygoing; it illuminates only those parts of the rooms as required.