Monday, May 09, 2011

San Bleu's yacht concept

bugatti veyron sang bleu speedboat_02

One of the lead designers of the Cadillac Converj concept and a graduate of the Royal College of Arts, Ben Walsh has unveiled yet another masterpiece with his mind boggling new design. By Designbuzz

Two way wheelchair

People who are bound to the wheelchair due to immobility often find it very difficult to move away from their wheelchairs. By Designbuzz

Residuary Events

Trash can is one reason that keeps our surroundings clean. But normally we throw all kinds of waste in one can; this poses a trouble while filtering different kinds of garbage. By Designbuzz

Brad Cloepfil

Off limits to the public for decades, Still's coveted estate -- featuring some 2,400 artworks -- will get its very own museum in Denver this fall. By Suzanne Labarre

9/11 memorial, thanks to algorithm

At 9/11 Memorial, Name Placements Reflect Bonds Between Victims, Thanks To Algorithm

Instead of being listed simply alphabetically, the names at the 9/11 Memorial are listed to reflect friends and co-workers -- A juggling task that was possible only because of a powerful algorithm. By Linda Tischler


Everyday Turns A Famed Viral Video Into iPhone App Gold

How MetaLab designer William Wilkinson turned a viral video meme into a best-selling iPhone app. By John Pavlus

Wanted: A super-simple shoe

Wanted: A Super-Simple Shoe For Bike Commuters That's Waterproof

Tough and refined, Outlier's Supermarine shoe is hand-built for foul weather using a World War II technology that still can't be beat. By Chris Dannen

Smart art-school logo

BMD's morphing new logo for OCAD University, in Toronto, shows what the school's really about: the students. By Suzanne Labarre

A chair that turns hoarding into high design

A Chair That Turns Hoarding Into High Design

The Comfy Cargo Chair: keeping slobs classy. By Suzanne Labarre

CCA Junior Critiques at Frog Design


frog design San Francisco hosted two days of California College of the Arts Industrial Design critiques this week for the course "Craft and the Hand Tool" which was co-taught by frog Executive Creative Director, Max Burton. By Core77

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dance to your heartbeat

Heartbeatz is a revolution in wearable visual dance tech. Utilizing infrared reflection technology the device detects the heartbeat of its user and mimics the very movement of the blood in your veins with light via a length of Electro Luminescent wire. By Yanko Design


The hubless wheel has yet to reach its full technical potential, but set aside your speculation for just a moment to admire this striking trike concept. By Yanko Design

Reading braille aloud

The Snail is a Braille reader that works smooth as silk on a surface that’s predictably bumpy! It can record the text as it reads for future playback and it even syncs with a Bluetooth headset so the visually impaired can listen to the book without disturbing others. By Yanko Design

Heliboarding Copter?

Have you heard of heliboarding? By Yanko Design

Roofus, Man’s Best Friend

Shoveling snow looks like a hell of a job at the best of times, but when faced with commercial sized buildings, apparently it’s so bad it takes up to 25 men to get the job done. That’s where the humorously named “Roofus” comes in. By Yanko Design

Hackfwd for Lars Hinrichs

HackFwd - Business Models and How Technology is Changing Them - Tom Hulme from HackFwd on Vimeo.

12 ways to add design thinking

12 Ways To Add Design Thinking Into Your Project - Tom Hulme from HackFwd on Vimeo.


Paper phone to sound death knell for iPhone

Get feedback or fail

Feedback is the key to successful products. Get it early and get it often. Products are supposed to solve problems, but how can you be certain your product is the right solution without asking potential users? By Zurb

The Sketch-Based Response to Client Feedback

For most people, feedback isn't the easiest thing to receive, even for clients. Their product is their foundation, and it's never fun to hear about cracks and weak spots in it. By Zurb

Full Set of Stencils for Sketching iPhone, iPad & Android

Here's a beautiful set of stencils and sketchsheets to make the process easier for iPad, iPhone, and even Android. Enjoy! By Zurb

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Foldable notebook

foldable notebook

In this technology driven world, notebooks have become an integral part of our life. People who travel carry their notebooks everywhere, but then at times dragging one which is heavy all the way can get on your nerves. By Designbuzz

Proposed Suzhou Children’s Hospital

childrens hospital suzhou china

A new hospital dubbed Suzhou Children’s Hospital in Yangtze Delta Region, conceived by HDR, an employee-owned architecture, engineering and consulting firm, has just came out of the concept stage. By Designbuzz

Control all your touchscreen devices with the power of Ringbow concept

Touch screens have taken the technology driven society by storm. At times always interacting with the screen by touching it gets irritating, but with “Touch Flavor,” a new tool by Ringbow, the whole experience is going to take a 180 degree flip. By Designbuzz

App vs. Web - Why not both?

Because of the high cost of recreating the magazine in an iPad format, we hear things like, "Why rush for more tablet editions before publishers can find big audiences?" Their strategy limits them to mass markets. By Thomas Baekdal

Bike-Lock Handlebars

You break this lock and the bike can't be ridden. By John Pavlus

A Rooftop Hotel Capsule For Eco-Minded Nomads

The future-fetishizing minds over at Nau architects are up with another wacky concept that’ll probably see the light of day precisely never. By Suzanne Labarre

Recharge yourself


MIT Professor Sheila Kennedy and her team at Kennedy and Violich Architecture recently debuted "SOFT Rockers" as part of MIT's 150th-anniversary Festival of Art+Science+Technology (FAST) celebration. By Core77

Building adaptive capacity


As social, economic and ecological conditions continue to worsen and with the increasing sophistication and connectivity of information technology and social media, design for sustainability is now moving towards a new qualitatively different area of exploration: designing to build adaptive capacity. By Michael Sammet

Book review


In Usefulness in Small Things, Industrial Facility's Kim Colin and Sam Hecht share their "Under a Fiver" collection, first presented at London's Design Museum alongside "Some Recent Projects," an exhibit of the firm's own work. By Kim Colin and Sam Hecht

Dimensions of design


Over the last few years, design is increasingly seen as a tool for creating change. By Sami Nerenberg