Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seven most unusual stadiums in the world

World games stadium

Sports, like any other entertainment, have attracted designers and architects to design unique arena for its spectators. World wide sports lovers dream to visit best stadiums to enjoy their favorite soccer game or even cricket series. By Design Buzz

10 most amazing motorcycle concepts

 MoonRider Flying Bike

Bike concepts have always been something we like to drool over. By Design Buzz

Bishan Central Condominium Project

 Bishan Central Condominium

Created as a collaborative project for Mitsubishi Estate Asia Pte. Ltd. and CapitaLand Residential Singapore, the residential complex located in Bishan Central, Singapore is the brainchild of Moshe Safdie Architects. By Design Buzz

10 creative cafes and coffee shops

If you thought wining and dining was just restricted to the mundane routine of buying stuff and eating on the same old table-chair concept, then think again. By Design Buzz

10 revolving architecture designs for a lovely spin

 Rotating Wind Tower

Creativity and aesthetics are hallmarks of modern day architecture. Another spectacle achieved in this century is the rotating constructions that move around giving a complete view of the sites outside. By Design Buzz

Eight advanced gadget concepts

The technology world is moving ahead steady faster. Today’s product concepts are to realize as tomorrow’s gadgets. Here is a collection of eight awesome gadget concepts. By Design Buzz

Six dual core smart cellphones for the trendy

 Dual core smart phones

Products running on dual core processors are the latest fad in the technology sector. The old single core processors are being replaced by the highly advanced dual cores in many high-profile devices including smartphones and tablets. By Design Buzz

A concept communication device with ergonomic features

Nokia Essence

Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul has designed a future communication device named Nokia Essence. The concept will make good use of the internet and will work like computers that can connect globally. By Design Buzz

Six most esteemed and awaited gadgets of 2011

It has been an active year in technology world. By Design Buzz

Seven futuristic battery designs

Lighting Battery

Some interesting concepts have been added to make batteries last long and mainly two areas have been given thrust and those are, its capacity and recharge. By Design Buzz

Seven electronic device concepts


Technological advancements have greatly benefited mankind. Innovative thinking and emerging concepts have given rise to the development of many new products which in turn have made our lives simpler and more comfortable. By Design Buzz

MORPHotel looks like a human vertebral spine


There are a lot of hotels that manage to leave an everlasting impression with the way they are constructed. The architectural marvels force people to drop their jaws in surprise and savor the uniqueness they come wrapped in. By Design Buzz

Seven sleek and stylish cellphone concepts

 mobile script- open script typing

Interesting concepts of various cellphones are coming to fore every day and with the creativity of the designers, the sky is the limit. By Design Buzz

10 compact car concepts for future urban transportation

 Bionic concept car

Compact car concepts are catering the dreams and fantasies of n-number of people, living all over the world. It speaks volume about what is lavishness and facilitate distinguish standards to the value of outstanding performances. By Design Buzz

Six avant-garde wristwatches to keep pace with times

Here are six indeed avant-garde wearable watches to keep pace with times. By Design Buzz

10 origami inspired architectural designs

 Origami architecture

Origami is an ancient art of Japan. It is a creative method of folding paper to develop beautiful structures. These Japanese origami structures are made from paper folding and feature chiseled cones achieved by making multiple folds and layers of a single paper. By Design Buzz

Self-righting Alarm Clock concept by David Locke

 Alarm Clock by David Locke

Resembling a buoy in its shape, the design comes with an easy-to-use interface with an on/off switch located at the bottom of the clock. By Design Buzz

Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s Anti-Starchitecture Museum In Berkeley

The latest from the New York architects who gave the world the High Line. By Suzanne Labarre

Shapeshifting Sofa Anticipates Your Movements

It's like a beanbag and a futon rolled into one (but way better-looking!). By Alissa Walker

Infographic Of The Day: America's 50 Most Influential Designers

How do you capture the present state of design in one single chart, with only 50 names? You don't. By Cliff Kuang

Teaching Web Design To Anyone Who's Afraid Of Code

A new series of web tutorials called “Don’t Fear the Internet” tries to teach web design to people who don’t want to be web designers. By James Gaddy

Why Does Interaction Design Matter? Let's Look At The Evolving Subway Experience


Frog's Robert Fabricant dissects the ways that credit-card swipes work in New York's subway system, and finds an object lesson in user interface design. By Robert Fabricant

4 Ways That Chinese Businesses Are Redefining Customer Service

How can a business succeed in China? A snapshot of thriving Chinese companies reveals what consumers are looking for. By IDEO

3 Trends That Will Define The Future Of Infographics


Ross Crooks, cofounder of the infographics firm Column Five, rounds up some of the most interesting trends impacting the discipline. By Ross Crooks

A Visit With Facebook's VP Of Product, And His Redesign Team

In all the coverage of Facebook and its dominance, one group is seldom talked about: The 64-member design staff, which is busy honing interactions that affect hundreds of millions of people. By Reena Jana

Wayfinding In The NYC Subway Sucks.

New York City has the largest subway system in the world and some of the worst subway signage. Either a station doesn’t have enough signs or it has too many, creating unnecessary confusion. By Suzanne Labaree

How To Turn A Vacant Lot Into A Thriving Cultural Destination


It goes without saying that our provisional economy has left gaping holes in cities all over the country. Construction sites that once rung with the sound of jackhammers fell eerily silent after the financial crash and never cranked back up again. By Suzanne Labarre

What Makes Steve Jobs So Great?

Steve Jobs isn't an engineer or a designer. But he's one of the greatest users of technology of all time, and that made all the difference. By Cliff Kuang

Artefact's Printer Redesign Isn't Boring, It's Visionary

The SWYP takes the pain and guesswork out of a historically clunky device. By Belinda Lanks

How Infographics Guru Nicholas Felton Inspired Facebook's Timeline

The surprise star at Facebook's f8 conference was Nicholas Felton, whom Facebook's head product developer credited with inspiring the layout of the revamped Facebook. How'd that happen?! By Susanne Labaree

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Creative Business Cards that Function as Other Things

When it comes to business, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, and your business cards should be no different. One way to get noticed is to create one-off, custom business cards that give you that edge by providing something extra — something beyond what business cards are traditionally used for, which is the conveyance of contact information. By Simon Goble