Monday, November 21, 2011

Bike Design

A concept following Sport Bikes taking an aerodynamic shape and giving it an aggressive headlight look. By Industrial Design

Cook-top for the blind

Great concept to help the blind cook without buying themselves. By Industrial Design

Watch concept

Very interesting watch concept. By Industrial Design

The First Macintosh

Steve Jobs and The Crazy Ones (think different)

Think Different

Implementing Design Thinking

One of the big reasons why Design Thinking fails in organizations, is that no one has the guts to stand up and say that an idea/concept/proposition sucks. By Design Sojourn

Roll-a-call foldable cellphone concept would be fashioned out of fabric

Like the iRoll, the Roll-a-Call too is an OLED based phone though the communicating device concept takes the functionality of the previous phone to a whole new level with as many as three dedicated areas that the touchscreen display is divided into which can be used exclusively by the three main functions categorized by user needs. By Designbuzz

Passenger-friendly modular baseball furniture for airports

Baseball Furniture for Airport

Airport furniture has never been known to be the warmest and inviting kinds in its genre and more often than not the seating found in airport lounges and waiting areas is drab, cold, and industrial-looking. By Designbuzz

Adaptation: Why responsive design actually begins on the server

View more presentations from yiibu

Social by Design: Design Thinking & Business

View more presentations from David Armano

Unboxing the Jawbone Up


Magical tech filled bracelet that tracks your sleeping, eating, activeness? Who wouldn’t be curious? By NOTCOT

Lighting Made Simple

Gotta love these minimal LED desk lamps by Duck Image. By Yanko Design

Irrigator for the Home Gardener

The Rugiada waterer is an all-in-one irrigation solution that lets the common user garden like the pros. By Yanko Design

Hello Landline, How Are You!

The thing is that snazzy smartphones and competitive cellphone rates lure us to use them more than the desk phones. By Yanko Design

Building the ultimate utility bike for Oregon manifest

IDEO designers partner with framebuilder Rock Lobster to create the Faraday, an electric bicycle to inspire everyday riding. By IDEO

Transcutaneous immunization delivery method for intercell

If FDA approved, Intercell’s patch will be the first needle-free vaccine.

Designing the needle-free future of vaccine delivery. By IDEO

Art Lebedev Studio's Integralus Watch concept


Every wristwatch I've ever owned has the timekeeping device on one side and the fastening mechanism on the other; that's the established form factor. But demonstrating the seriously out-of-the-box thinking they've become known for, Art Lebedev Studio's Integralus watch concept throws that out of the window. By Core77

Bjarke Ingels To Build Science Center That Gives Geeks Fresh Air

Another big win for rising starchitect Bjarke Ingels: His studio announced last week that it won a commission to design a mammoth new research center for a science and medical school in central Paris. By Suzanne Labarre

What Good Does Design Do For Business?

Here Thomas Lockwood proposes the Design Mix, a set of principles that define how design adds value to business. By Thomas Lockwood

No Joke: The White House Almost Looked Like This

Pyramids, giant weather vanes, Venice-style canals: If Washington D.C. had turned out as some architects imagined, it would have been colorful to say the least. By Suzanne Labarre

Wanted: Kicks Solve A Subtle Failing Of The iPad's Design

Using 3M technology, the rails stick on for extra traction and can be removed at will--without leaving a trace. By Belinda Lanks

Redesigning international disaster response, Part 3


Lets look at how the US Military creates collaborative information systems between millions of soldiers. By Core77

Redesigning international disaster response, Part 2

In this post, we'll look at disaster response vs humanitarian aid, as well as the challenges that disaster response faces on the global stage. By Core77

Redesigning international disaster response, Part 1


As the human civilization continues to evolve, our world is only getting more dangerous, not less. By Core77

Think better, not think different

Steve Jobs was truly one of the greatest people around, and he constantly changed the way we looked at the world. But there is one thing many people miss, which is the main reason Steve was able to turn Apple into what it is today.

Steve's vision was: I want to be much better. I don't care about being different.

By Baekdal

Microsoft's future productivity vision 2011


Microsoft has created another "Future Vision" video. They do this every year and they are always very impressive. Microsoft is very good at creating these future visions, they are not so good at turning them into real life products--apart from the XBOX Kinect. By Baekdal

Wearable multitouch interaction everywhere

We see many different types of "future" concepts. Most of them are not very good, like the slew of augmented reality apps, which require you to print out a page before you can see something augmented on your screen. By Baekdal

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful Examples of Responsive Web Design

forefathers responsive design

Responsive web design is hot. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, flexible layouts have never been more important. Thanks to responsive web design we can be sure that the visitor will have the same experience, regardless of the screen size. By The Roxor

Digital Retail

Intel asked frog to look broadly at the topic of using digital signs in retail and public environments. By Frog Design

What Does Future Hold for Tech World, Apple Without Jobs?

Thoughts on Steve Jobs and his genius. By PBS

Isaacson: Jobs Broke the Rules, but Linked 'Artistry to Engineering'

Walter Isaacson shares his thoughts about Steve Jobs. By PBS

An interview with Steve Jobs

Watch a rare interview with the late Apple visionary, conducted in 1990. By PBS

How Steve Jobs Changed The World Of Design

So how will Steve Jobs be remembered by designers. By NPR

Steve Jobs Was Designing His Own Super Yacht

Steve Jobs Was Designing His Own Super Yacht

Although Steve Jobs is not known for ostentatious displays of his wealth, he was designing his own luxury yacht. And typical of Jobs, he was designing it himself so that he could obsess over every detail. By Leander Kahney

Steve Jobs: Designer First, C.E.O. Second

 Steve Jobs

If you walked into the office of almost any chief executive and asked him or her to describe a favorite font, I’m pretty sure you would be greeted with a blank stare and silence. By Nick Bilton

Friday, November 18, 2011

Honda Microcommuter EV gives the glimpse of futuristic city cars

 Honda Microcommuter EV

This vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communications between people and mobility and an exterior that the owner can enjoy customizing more casually. By Designbuzz

e-motion Electric Bike

Our society is largely based on situations carried forward from the past. May it be social stigmatic situations limiting the use of electric bikes to handicapped people, to the use of the electricity to run our vehicles. By Buzzdesign

Sieccol Pod: A futuristic transportation device for an urban setup

 Sieccol Pod transportation device

With the rise in fuel prices, fewer people will be able to afford vehicles that gulp gas in the near future. Come 2025 and oil prices will touch an all time high, which will force people to opt for vehicles that are powered by alternate forms of energy. By Designbuzz

Pockit portable motion controller turns gaming into a social activity

Video games has been the most coveted pass time of many since generations. The gaming applications have changed, the games have changed, the devices for playing games have also got changed, but what have remained unaltered ever since are the screens. By Designbuzz

Khoi Vinh Unveils Mixel

Khoi Vinh on designing his first iPad app, a collage-making kit, and why art should be social. By Suzanne Labarre

What Made Steve Jobs So Great?


Steve Jobs wasn't an engineer or a designer. But he was one of the greatest users of technology of all time, and that made all the difference. By Cliff Kuang

NYC Finally Builds A Better Subway Map

Hardcore New Yorkers tend to shake their heads at tourists confusedly poring over the NYC Subway Map. After all, what could possibly be so confusing about that damn thing? A lot, actually. By Cliff Kuang

Ziba's Identity For The Portland Art Museum

The new graphic identity is a window into what goes on behind the museum's walls. By Belinda Lanks

The World’s Wackiest Border Crossing

Border crossings are supposed to feature somber, vaguely intimidating architecture. Georgia, apparently, didn’t get the memo. By Susanne Labarre

10 Tips For Designers (And Anyone Else) Working Pro Bono

Designers and their clients embarking on pro bono projects should demand that the demands are no less--and sometimes even greater--than regular fee-generating work. By John Cary

The 3 Biggest Barriers To Innovation

Luke Williams, a fellow at Frog, argues that coming up with breakthrough innovation isn't just a matter of being brilliant. Rather, he lays out a systematic method for overcoming the usual barriers that hem in great ideas. By Luke Williams

Infographic Of The Day: The Rebirth Of Apple's Product Strategy

Another fabulous chart by Pop Chart Lab illustrates the rise, fall, and rebirth of the tech icon. By Cliff Kuang

Your Frontline Employees Are Your Brand.

How Do You Hire The Right Ones? By Fastcodesign

Many Options to Time

The WRYST VARIANCE is a unique approach to wearing time. The digital face can take on a myriad of displays, some more novel than others, but variety is the key proponent here. By Yanko Design

Enhancements for the Visually Impaired

The Sentire walking cane is the result of a study into visually impaired users’ preference between various tools for mobility including the standard cane and guide dog. By Yanko Design

Smooth Operator

The Eclipse DECT Wireless Home Phone consists of a base unit and handset embedded together in a single and continuous ellipsoidal form factor. With no visible signs of a display or keypad, the Eclipse conforms to the minimalist school of thought in design. By Yanko Design

Autonomous Travel Pod

Inspired by biomimicry & artificial intelligence, Autonomo is a fully autonomous vehicle designed to alleviate traffic congestion & maximize the use of existing road networks in large cities in a complex, synchronized system. By Yanko Design

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to QR Codes

MiniCards QR Code

QR or Quick Response Codes have been around since 1994 and were originally used to track parts during car manufacture. It is likely you have seen one, even if you didn’t know what it was, usually displayed as black and white squares in a grid pattern reminiscent of a crossword. By Just Creative Design

20 awesome beer label designs

Here are some pretty cool beer labels. By Design Daily News

Tips in Using Handwriting Fonts for Stunning Web Designs

 Use the right handwriting font

Handwriting fonts are just one of the many font choices a designer can use in creating a design. It could enhance a web design with its proper usage and can also give a little frivolous touch making it totally unique. By Naldz Graphics

10 Really Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

lorem ipsum 03 10 Really Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

Here are 10 useful lorem ipsum generators for you to use. By Chethstudios Design Magazine

What it takes to get one at Google

Pretty good infographic on what it takes to get hired at Google. By JobVine

Increasing Creativity through a Well Structured Environment

If you strive to add creativity in your work and want the doors of inspiration to open paths for you, it comes not only from opening up your mind but there are also some other factors which contribute to all this. And one of the major factors is the environment in which you work. By Stunning Mesh

Communication: Ray Lemon

Ray Lemon designed by Leib und Seele

Ray Lemon is a bar located in the city of Heilbronn, Germany. As part of the monthly event ‘Menu in Yellow’, a four course fine dining menu, Stuttgart based design agency Leib Und Seele were commissioned to develop the communication materials for the event that could resolve the bars vivid and industrial themes with a delicately crafted gastronomical experience. By Richard Baird

Packaging In Brief: John & John Crisps

John & John

Distinctive use of maritime flags, etched illustration work and bold typography makes for a very interesting aesthetic that needs sharing. By Richard Baird

Half moon hotel shows Baku's stellar architectural ambitions

Half moon rising: Hotel Crescent, planned for Baku's shoreline, looks more Dubai than Caspian.

 Azerbaijan's capital Baku might have an ancient heart, but it is getting a remarkable modern face. By CNN

Monday, November 14, 2011

The bendch by David Szabo

Billboards are huge, often pointless, and serve no other function than being over sized-in-our-faces-24X7-advertisements that are somehow ultimately paid for by the consumer. By DesignBuzz

Pupa pavilion recycled from shipping pallets and cardboard

Recycling and reusing are not new concepts. And so, when reclaimed shipping pallets and cardboard are sent into the recycling process, it is nothing out of the ordinary. By DesignBuzz

Seven stadiums designed to add green to the sports world

 New Dalian Shide soccer stadium

The demand to save the environment by adopting the green methods is fast gaining prominence. These days many eco-conscious people are working tirelessly to pass the message highlighting the importance of adopting the eco-friendly ways in our daily life. By DesignBuzz

Seven cellphone projector-phone concepts for instant presentations

 The Nextep cellphone from Sony

All cell phone development till now has attempted to make the cell phone as light as possible with as large and bright screen as possible. But these features oppose each other and hence the development had arrived at a stalemate. Not any more! By DesignBuzz

Jawbone Up wristband tracks your eating, sleeping and fitness habits

 Jawbone Up

The Jawbone is a well known brand in the world of Bluetooth headsets, but now it has gone a step higher up the ladder and produced something quite revolutionary and extraordinary - the Jawbone UP. By DesignBuzz

Design - Apple Mac

Dyson - A Story of Innovation

James Dyson discuss innovation, bringing new products to market and more, Part 2/2

James Dyson discuss innovation, bringing new products to market and more, Part 1/2

You know the feeling when some everyday product lets you down. "I could have designed this better myself," you think. James Dyson is a man who likes to make things work better. With his research team, he has developed products that have achieved sales of over $6 billion worldwide.

The UK has long had an impressive track record of producing successful designers and engineers. Many credit that success to a focus on design within the education system.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Fantastic Transparent Business cards


Here are some awesome and fantastic transparent business cards for inspiration. By Brant Wilson

Drama Queen

The Aliante, appears to be the work of someone who is well in touch with their gentler side. By Yanko Design

The Fire Mix

The Fire Formula is a cool fire extinguisher where the chemicals can be mixed together on location in a jiffy. Apparently you can choose the amount of water and carbon dioxide combo that you require and douse the flame. By Yanko Design

Saturday, November 12, 2011

3M's Mauro Porcini On Convincing Americans To Love Design

"Design is not a sin." By Belinda Lanks

How Did The Population Reach 7 Billion So Fast?!

And does that mean we'll have something like 60 billion people by 2300?! By Belinda Lanks

Smaller Than Your Living Room: 7 Of The World's Best Nano Houses

Studio-apartment dwellers may feel reasonably content living a small-scale existence. But if transplanted in the country, how many would opt for a similarly sized house? By Belinda Lanks

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fast Track to the mobile app

In less than two weeks, judges start reviewing design submissions for the Fast Track to the Mobile App contest—an international Windows Phone app design challenge. By Core77

Interaction Design

Even if you've never heard of him, Bret Victor ought have some credibility as a former Human-Interface Inventor for Apple, where he worked on "pervasively direct-manipulation interfaces (where the user does his thing by moving and gesturing with meaningful objects, instead of relying on verb buttons and other indirect controls)" among other things. By Core77

The design of location


A new wave of location-based apps are changing the way we interact with people and experience places. But what we've seen is just the beginning. By Core77

Designer David Lewis, of Bang & Olufsen Fame, Passes Away

Sadly, industrial designer David Whitfield Lewis, a man responsible for many of Bang & Olufsen's most iconic product designs, passed away earlier this week. By Core77

Friday, November 04, 2011

Six Minutes of Microsoft's Futuristic Designs


Produced by Microsoft's Office Division, the concept video displays ideas currently under discussion at Redmond. By Core77



South Carolina-based Mac accessory company Twelve South recently unveiled their latest design, the "Plugbug," an iPad/iPhone travel charger that piggybacks on a MacBook Power Adapter. By Core77



Raul Gonzalez Podesta of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been working for design consultancy Design Plus since 2005, completing both a Bachelor's and Masters in Industrial Design though apparently it's taken him as much time to discover our sister portfolio site, Coroflot. By Core77

Working With Steve Jobs

Vignettes from Hartmut Esslinger of Frog Design, former Motorola CEO Ed Zander, and others who worked up close with Apple’s visionary co-founder. By Businessweek

Bloomberg And Frog Turn Raw Data Into Branding

Tasked with creating a corporate page for Bloomberg, frog had to figure out the central theme of all its myriad businesses: Data, which they then used as a clever bit of branding. By Cliff Kuang

The Sinch: The Story Behind a Deceptively Simple Design

We know at frog that good design can improve the experience for life’s problems both large and small. That’s why frog teamed up with Dune Road Design to create a product that alleviates the chaos and frustration of rogue headphone cords. By Frog Design

Steve Jobs' Bold Leadership

frog remembers Steve Jobs

To take another look at the power of bold and inspired leadership, let’s return to the story of Apple and its revolutionary leader, Steve Jobs. By Frog Design