Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nokia CORE phone acts as computer mouse to access its own interface

nokia core_10

The Nokia CORE cellphone is a concept inspired by the futurism graphics of Star Wars. Designed around its interface, which resembles a solar system where all functions revolve around the core, the shape of the phone is derived from the interface core and is expanded around it. By Bharat

Electric Taxi Car for safe and sustainable commutation on city roads

electric taxi car _02

Inspired by the popular Eastern transports named “Rickshaw,” Portuguese designer David Vidal has come up with the electric version of the public transport system. By Naresh Chauhan

eRinGo, a cross between a motorbike and a car


Over the period, we have seen cars evolving from a simple means of commutation to modern sports cars crossing all the barriers in speed as well as comfort. However, the “eRinGo” by Iranian designer Mohammad Ghezel is a unique vehicle, possibly a cross between a motorbike and a car, which puts itself into its own class. By Naresh Chauhan

Multi-function Design Table

multi function design table

Designing is a professional job and requires a lot of equipment, apart from that special knack of creating something out of the blue. By Naresh Chauhan

Protect Your Feet In Disaster

The Braun Post-Disaster Emergency Foot Protective Accessory is for the rescue workers who are there on scene of disasters like earthquakes.

Braun Post-Disaster Emergency Foot Protective Accessory by Huang Zheng

You Have Smartphones? Here’s a Smartwatch

Sleek and minimal? Check. Large screen? Check. Oodles of tech? Check, check and check! The E’llipse Traveler is a watch to end all watches. By Yanko Design

E'llipse Traveler Timepiece by Su Chew Lee & Paolo Di Prodi

The Amazon River vs. The US Interstate System The Seed Salon

Since 1965, when Thomas Lovejoy began exploring biodiversity in the Amazon, he has worked to defend ecosystems against human impact. Mitchell Joachim creates human habitats and transportation systems — and believes that ecology can inform a new, more resilient, ethos of design.

The Dymaxion Tomorrow

A city-wide vehicle sharing program, a latrine block that treats sewage on-site, and bicycles that double as ambulances take top honors in the Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge. By Elizabeth Cline

The evolution of evolution

Ben Fry has created a tool that allows you to watch the theory of evolution evolve. Here, he introduces us to his amazing exploration of scientific thought. By Joe Kloc

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design

View more documents from Whitney Hess.

Agnieszka Gasparska: Kiss Me I’m Polish

Agnieszka Gasparska is the Creative Director and founder of design firm Kiss Me I’m Polish. Her clients include GOOD, Thrillist, Refinery29, Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame and many others that you have heard of. She is speaking at AIGA’s MAKE / THINK conference in Memphis this October on the topic of Art Direction on the web. By Scott Chappell

Solar Decathlon

This year's Solar Decathlon winner generates enough energy to power itself and two other homes.

Clever New Fan Has No Blades

James Dyson with the new Air Multiplier fan, which instead of blades uses forced air around its ring, and the shape of an airplane wing, to create a rapid and smooth flow of air. Credit: Dyson

Few inventions have lent themselves to as little improvement over the years as the simple fan, with its whirring blades that blow air across a desk or through a room. By Robert Roy Britt

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interactivity in Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide

The Internet is a different place than it was 10 years ago. Back then, the only way people could find information was by surfing the Internet using search engines and then jumping from link to link in order to find other websites. By Poonam


Touchscreeb PCs prompt interface innovations

Touchscreen displays are going to get a big boost from Windows 7’s built-in support for multitouch tech — but there’s a hitch: Flicking, scrolling and opening programs can be cumbersome when stubby fingers meet Windows’ tiny icons and menu items. By Priya Ganapati


35 Smart Logos With Second Thought To Make You look Twice

Here's another logo showcase, but in this one you really will need to look twice! Every logo is carefully picked with second thought and I think such logos are really hard to create. Get inspired, hopefully this article will help you to look different at logo creation – it’s not always just about typography, good looking font and nice animation. By Dainis Graveris

10 Droolworth Eco Structures

NYC's Dragonfly Vertical Farm

Check out these eco structures!

Online Web-design tools for the beginner

Color Wizard

If you're not an advanced Web designer, and you don't want to pay a company to create a Web site for you, there are services across the Web that can help you create the site you want. By Don Reisinger

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Future Phones Dazzle With Design


Concept devices go where most product designers fear to tread. They are dream gadgets that hint at possibilities beyond what current technology can support — or what current fashion can accept. By Priya Ganapati

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guessing Game Deuce

looking at this Pre-Picture can you guess what the item is? Give up?

Glucogrip by Giulio Sbarigia

Curvy Bike

How would you re-define a bike? Tinker with it to get greater speed and performance?


tvChatter iPhone Application

tvChatter is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that presents lively commentary about your favorite TV shows. The commentary comes from the Twittersphere but you do not need a Twitter account to see what people are saying. Watch your favorite show on your TV set or PC, launch the tvChatter app, choose the show from the social program guide, and watch the streaming commentary text. If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet, reply, re-tweet, or filter on your followers for a more intimate conversation.

The Changing Concept of Design

What many think of as an aesthetic profession has become so much more. By Andrain Kreye

The Future of Health Care Is Social

Health care is a personal issue that has become wholly public--as the national debate over reforming our system makes painfully clear. By Jennifer Kilian & Barbara Pantuso

Future of Health Care

The New Work Space: Will Lounge-Like Office Furniture Inspire Big Ideas?

The new pieces reflect changes in the way work gets done: It's less about the desk, and more about the coffee-break gabfest. By Cliff Kuang


Barnes & Noble's Technicolor Kindle Killer?

Barnes & Noble may be about to stamp on the Kindle's future hopes... with a slick color e-reader from Plastic Logic.

Beacon of Greenwashing Gets Go Ahead

Gazprom, the giant Russian oil company, secures approval to build the tallest, "greenest" tower in Europe, in the heart of St. Petersburg. Some say it'll be "monstrous." It'll also be a 77-story middle-finger to the low-carbon movement. By Cliff Kuang

Infographic of the Day: How Much Does Your Company's CEO Make? Per Hour?

ceo pay infographic

By Kelsey Keith

Life in Futuristic Floating Pods: Can Design Harness Tidal Power?

Read the article here by Cliff Kuang

Can Blu Homes Fulfill the Promise of Prefab?

A Boston start-up says its method will at last fulfill the promise of cheap manufactured homes. (But can anybody get a mortgage?) By Michael Cannell


Global Summit on Design Education & Sustainability

On October 23 and 24, 2009, the Designers Accord will convene 100 individuals from the world’s most distinguished academic and professional institutions, for two days of highly participatory discussion, planning, and action around the topic of design education and sustainability.

Tim Brown urges designers to think big