Friday, May 14, 2010

Anatomy of Apple design

Reinventing the Z: Concept & Design

An essential guide to design for disassembly

Design for disassembly is a design strategy that considers the future need to disassemble a product for repair, refurbish or recycle. By Alex Diener

Almost Genius: An Umbrella With Built-in Cup Holder

My hand! It buuuuurns! It buuuuuuuuurnnnnnns!!! By Cliff Kuang

Living in a material world


One of the ways to curb our spending is to cut back on our credit card usage, but that’s next to impossible for some. By Yanko Design

The Future is Already Here: Three Trends in IA

Erin Malone talks about experience design, social design and service design.

Microsoft Kin is User Centered Innovation at its Best

Microsoft Kin is a fine example of a product that went through a user centered innovation process. By Design Sojourn

Harley Futurism


Motorcycles from OUTER SPACE! What does that mean? By Yanko Design

Using antimicrobial copper alloys in hospitals


Copper Touch is a system of antimicrobial touch-point hardware and sani-stations (alcohol gel dispensers) designed to be deployed in hospitals to reduce infection. By Alice Ro

12 Wearable Cellphone concepts that add fashion to your chatter


Evolution is the basic law of nature. By Naresh Chauhan

Hydrogenase, the 100% self-sufficient organic airship of the future


The airships of the future will soar up using seaweeds. By Aditi Justa

Forfreedom caravan designed for the most comfortable vacation

concept caravan_01

Conceived by British designer Robert Williams, the “Forfreedom” is an expanding living unit designed with sustainability in mind. By Naresh Chauhan

Litl Unveils Internet Interface Aimed at Surfers of Both Web and Couch

Litl remote
The new device will attempt to solve the problem of creating a rich, easy Web-browsing experience, while sitting on the couch and watching TV. By Cliff Kuang

Cooper-Hewitt Asks: Can Designers Save the World?

The world's drowning in dark news of political unrest, climate change, environmental disaster, and poverty. But we can still take heart that right now, designers have fixed themselves on the day's problems with a vigor that the world has never seen before. Can design save the world? By Cliff Kuang

School's Almost Out, but These Modular, Eco-Friendly Classrooms Are In

treehouse school

As a school's population explodes while its budget dwindles, most students are more likely to learn their long division in a dismal, aging trailer. By Alissa Walker

Keeping a Well-Rounded Focus on the End User

Ron Pierce, posed that design researchers are the only group ideally suited to be advocates for the end users, arguing that all other groups have conflicting objectives and serve too many masters. By Stuart Karten

Monday, May 03, 2010

Capca Concept - future city car

What will city infrastructure and city transport, parking and fueling be like in the near future? Let's take a look at your city from the height of a skyscraper, what will you see? By Anatoly Shikhov

What's the time?


From micro-technology engineer Maximilian Busser comes this wicked watch with a heckuva long name: The MB&F Horological Machine Number 3 Frog. By Hipstomp

Alice on the iPad: Will the design of books change?

The video is a little frenetic but it does an amazing job of showing how we’re only scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible for next generation storytelling on devices like the iPad. The design of books may be on a new path. Read the article here.

Navimation: Exploring Time, Space & Motion in the Design of Screen-based Interfaces

Screen-based user interfaces now include dynamic and moving elements that transform the screen space and relations of mediated content. These changes place new demands on design as well as on our reading and use of such multimodal texts. By Jon Olav H. Eikenes and Andrew Morrison

Achieving Design Focus: An Approach to Design Workshops

Stakeholders with business, design, and technology viewpoints can pull products in different design directions—sometimes without knowing how the design work fits into an overall strategy. This can leave stakeholders feeling lost and unhappy. By Daniel Szuc and Josephine Wong

Design Patterns for Mobile Faceted Search: Part 1

Four Corners and Modal Overlay patterns

Greg Nudelman discusses the challenges and opportunities of mobile faceted search.

Read Part 2 here.

Solar-powered Oasis

oasis bench_07

Transforming a simple bench into a meeting point, Brazilian studio Baita Design has popped up shelter bench that collects solar energy to humanize the urban environment and make the cities a better place to live. By Naresh Chauhan

Huge Artificial Waterfall Structure Designed for Rio

solar ciy tower photo

With its burgeoning economy and bold commitments to reducing carbon emissions and deforestation, Brazil is poised to be an important player in the years and decades to come. By Stephen Messenger

Tall Time Moves Up And Down The Sticks!

verTICK – Vertical Clock by Gavin Henderson

There’s a myth about time being fast or slow. By Yanko Design

The scent of design

Through collaborations with perfumers, five designers find a way to evolve their practice. By Amelia Black

Moving Designs for San Francisco Transit Terminal Put the Light Back in Rail

On top, there will be a 1000-foot long fountain shaped like a bus. Yes, a bus. Since this is a bus station, get it! By Sara Rich

Layar Takes Shopping Into the Augmented Reality Dimension With In-App Purchasing

layar paid apps
Layar, the augmented reality browser, is stepping up its efforts to bring sci-fi-like AR to the world: It's just introduced in-app shopping. Yes, that's the world's first augmented reality store, and it implies all sorts of astonishing potential for all sorts of people--from world travelers to Disney vacationers. By Kit Eaton

Design Is Critical to Nike CEO Mark Parker's Strategy; How About Yours?

What's the difference between a CEO with a management background and one with a design DNA? Nike's president and CEO Mark Parker is the answer.

Decoding the Pavilion Architecture of Shanghai World Expo 2010

On Friday, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 opening as "a grand gathering of the world cultures," a kind of international "We are the world" singalong. As many as 100 million visitors are expected. By Suzanne LaBarre

Expanding Video Screen

When collapsed, the 3,800-square-foot screen’s 888 LED panels form a near-continuous surface to show videos of the band.

Innovative Designs, Hoberman Associates (screen design); Barco, Innovative Designs (screen production) Location: A U2 concert in a city near you. By Anne Gulney

Networking for architects, minus the idle chatter

Ultimately our mission is to push architectural work out into the world says Architizers Marc Kushner right seen here with fellow cofounders Benjamin Prosky left and Matthias Hollwich. Not pictured Alex Diehl.

For architects looking to network online in a serious way, the options have been limited. LinkedIn consigns designers to text-based profiles, making it difficult to convey a firm’s essence. By John Gendall