Wednesday, July 27, 2011

S1 Digital Pilot's Headset

Sennheiser's S1 Digital Pilot's Headset

Aviation industry is constantly focused on developing headsets for the worthy pilots who have to undergo the discomfort of hearing unwanted noise in the aircraft. By Design Buzz

Sustainable 'Farm Tower' in London offers a solution to food crisis

Farm Tower in London

The “London Farm Tower” is an amazing concept by Brandon Martella and is situated on the southern bank of the river Thames, facing Potter’s Field. By Design Buzz

Hostel kiosk for backpackers

One of the best ways to know a country is to backpack through its little known towns and off-map destinations. For backpackers, hostels and similar lodges are the staple accommodation that allows travelers to meet many people and share common experiences. By Design Buzz

The Ultimate Bike Handle

Okay first of all, WOW. By Yanko Design

Learning Tool for Deaf Children

The VV-Talker is a device designed for deaf children to help them overcome their problem in speaking effectively. By Yanko Design

BMW Electric Trike-Car

The BMW i1 is an electric, single-seater concept by designer Amadou Ba Ndiaye that fuses motorcycle thrill with the safety of a car into one eye-catching concept. By Yanko Design

Strategic Innovation And The Quest For Breakthrough Ideas

Innovation is now a very hot topic at the C-Suites. By Innovation Playground

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ideum MT55 Platform is the world's thinnest multi-touch table

In this era of multitouch phones, monitors and other such devices, one cannot really predict what the next invention would be. Multi-touch tables are something that catches our focus. By Design Buzz

Softshell Velomobile

SoftShell Velomobile

Gone are the days of the usual 4-seater vehicles. Almost every car manufacturer looks towards making a model which would be another run off the mil. By Design Buzz

Tondo Multitouch Table looks to de-stress clinical audits for medical staff

Tondo Multitouch table

Created as a part of the Interaction Design Thesis Project for the Visual and Multimedia Communication graduate program of the University of Venice, the Tondo Multitouch Table looks to simplify the process of clinical audits and help medical professionals to find the source of a critical error that may have put a patient at risk with ease. By Design Buzz

Prototype dual-screened 2-in-1 Android smartpad from Imerj preview

From the front it looks like yet another plain smartphone -- dark, nondescript, and maybe a little like an iPhone 4 that's had its right-most extent sliced off. Pick it up, though, and you realize this little thing isn't so nondescript. From Engadget

Why Can't All TV Remotes Be This Good?

The remote control has become a maddening jumble of buttons. U.K.-based NDS distills the device down to its essential functions. By Fastcodesign

The design dilemma: Dismay vs. Delight

Designers evoke great delight in their work. Engineers provide utilitarian value. By Core77

When mobile payments make sense

Mobile payment systems have yet to take off. Or oven reach of point in which paying with your mobile have any kind of disruptive effect. There are two reasons for this. By Baekdal

Future Touch Tech

This concept computer-of-the-future by designer Jakub Záhoř allows the user to operate the device anywhere they can find a glass surface. By Yanko Design

Anytime, Anywhere Deliverable Hospital

Designer Kukil Han imagines a go-anywhere solution for providing aid to victims of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. By Yanko Design

The Porsche 929

The Porsche Panamara. By Yanko Design

I Just Died and Went to Samsung Galaxy Heaven

Here is a concept phone that you can't help but fall in love with. Name the features and it’s all in there. Flexible screen, projector, camera…ah the works! One of those designs where you let the pictures do the talking…so go ahead and hit the jump! By Yanko Design

Six Tips for Designing Without Pixels

Pixel perfection must become a thing of the past – so let’s talk about how you actually design for a world without pixels. By Zurb

'A Day Made of Glass' and What That Means for Design

Obviously as this video was sponsored by Corning they have a vested interest in getting people excited about glass, but just take a look at the video and pick out two displays that have the same size and aspect ratio. Or opacity. Or surface color.

Whether technology evolves this way or not, the way we interact with data and media is going to change drastically, and we're no longer going to have the kind of standard canvas control we have now. By Zurb

Three Principles of Being Frank

Frank Gehry, the Pultzer Prize winning mastermind architect behind buildings such as Guggenheim Museum in Spain, MIT State Center in Boston, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and many others, has been named the most important architect of our age. By Zurb

How Design Teamwork Crushes Bureaucracy

Design sometimes feels like therapy. By Zurb

Fire The M.B.A.s and Let Engineers Run the Show

Vice Chairman of General Motor's, Bob Lutz argues for the desperate need of doers instead of bean counters. Product driven managers, leaders, executives are the people that build successful and sustainable companies. Bean counters usually kill them. By Zurb

Spend a Little Less Time Pitching and More Time Listening

If a product team understands the customers' motivations, then they’re able to use that knowledge to work toward balancing the business goals and user needs. By Zurb

Steve Jobs: Innovation is saying 'no' to 1,000 things

Nike CEO, Mark Parker says that shortly after becoming CEO and working on Nike+ with Apple he talked to Steve Jobs on the phone. “Do you have any advice?” Parker asked Jobs. Here is what Jobs had to say. By Zurb

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Communicaid allows the hearing impaired to 'see' sounds around them

The Communicaid design concept from South Korean designer Jaepyung Lee stems from the disadvantages that the hearing impaired people encounter in the course of their daily routines. By Design Buzz

Kokoro wearable cellphone keeps working parents in touch with kids

Kokoro wearable cellphone

Cellphones have become an essential part of our lives. They have become as important as oxygen and have shrunk the world even further. But, the question remains how important are they for children? By Design Buzz

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recumbent Moon Buggy Trike can tackle commute on the moon

Recumbent Trike

Winner of the Best Design Award at the 2011 edition of NASA’s annual Great Moon buggy Race, the RISD Moon Buggy 2011 is one of the most sophisticated recumbent trikes that have surfaced in a few years now. By Design Buzz

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ex-Apple Designer Creates Teaching UI That "Kills Math" Using Data Viz

Designer Bret Victor hopes so: his prototype UI turns gnarly differential equations into something normal humans can understand. By John Pavlus

VOID, An iPad Mag That Aims To Teach The Art Of Coding


Natalie Hanke's mag-app doesn't exist in the iTunes Store yet, but it should. By John Pavlus

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Vital Contents of a Business Card

Job Title

Every business would opt to have a business card. Of course, graphic designers should have one, too. This is necessary for whatever business transactions but you also have to make sure that your card contains a complete advertisement about you and your company. By Ronald Bien