Monday, December 10, 2012


An interactive documentary, with people made of code. By Fast Company

New Crowdfunding Site Seeks to Protect Backers of Industrial Design

Entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff wants to build more credibility into crowdfunding — so he’s launching a new platform that takes responsibility for ensuring the viability of new projects. By Wired

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Very Rare Video of Steve Jobs Telling the History of Apple

Designing new tools for mapping open defecation

Image's Molly Norris describes how the second #crapmap hackathon moved her design team closer to a working open-source digital protype designed to achieve community-led total sanitation in urban Ghana. By IDEO

Designing better training for farmers


Synthesis usually involves hours and hours of discussions and modeling and putting up Post-its and taking them back down. By IDEO

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Groups Make Change

 We live (and work) in a world that is saturated with design and innovation, and not just on the shelves of the Apple store. The language of design and innovation is increasingly standard business parlance.

frog’s Connected Care Solution

As technology disrupts established healthcare systems and the traditional patient-provider dynamic, frog introduces a prototype Connected Care Solution (CCS) that seamlessly connects doctors and patients and supportive communities.

Berry Plastics Design Center

How We Work - Frog Design

Bill Moggridge- What is Design?

Rembering Bill Moggridge: 1943-2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Origami-Inspired Kayak Folds Into Compact Carrying Case

The 12-foot-long Oru Kayak folds into a small, flat package for storage and transport.

How James Dyson Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary

Twenty years after he launched his business—now a multinational enterprise with nearly 4,000 employees and $1.5 billion in annual sales—Dyson, at 65, still radiates a nuclear inventor’s heat.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Trampoline Bridge For Bouncing Across Paris’s River Seine

The architects at Parisian firm Atelier Z√ľndel Cristea know that bridges can be destinations in and of themselves. By Co.Design

This Might Be The World’s Best Designed Water Bottle


David Mayer likes water bottles. He really, really likes water bottles. “My goal is really to get people thinking about bottles not as these clunky, utilitarian pieces, but as statements. By Co.Design

Legendary Design Guru Jony Ive Now Runs Apple Software, Too

Legendary Design Guru Jony Ive Now Runs Apple Software, Too
A management shakeup at Apple, may usher in a new era of more unified devices for Apple. By Co.Design

A Vast, Reflective Platform For Experimentation

Antony Gormley’s work has always hinted at an archeological reading of the human body. At the age of 44, he won the prestigious Turner Prize for Field, an installation of 40,000 terracotta figures blanketing the floor of the gallery. By Co.Design

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giant wind-blown ball rolls around and detonates landmines

 Mine Kafon detonates

A childhood toy inspires a wind-powered minesweeper that could help clear the millions of active landmines buried around the globe. By CNET

Friday, September 28, 2012

Keynote: Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, Frog

How Do We Buy Smart Phones?

So what are the characteristics of the agnostics and unhappy prisoners who are open to a new phone/OS? By Design Mind

Envisioning The City of The Future

For the first time in human history, more people live in cities than in rural areas, and in the next 20 years the urban population will grow from 3.5 billion to 5 billion people. The social, economic, environmental, design, and engineering challenges of this transformation will shape the 21st century. By Design Mind

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The future: Our cars in 2030

GM SAIC YeZ Concept inhales C02, emits oxygen

At the rate things are going, we look to be making some good progress in automobile manufacturing. Hybrids and EVs have come out to offer future commuters green forms of transport. By AutoMotto

City in the Sky

It may look like scene right out a sci-fi flick where humans have begun to establish settlements on other planets in the universe and that too far in the future where traditional architectural norms have become mere relics of history, but this future mega developed city concept called the "Megatropolis" project may just be what a British city of the near future may look like. this architectural utopia came into being as a collaborative project between a few London-based artists and companies though the city that the project’s video depicts eventually ended up being NYC given how the production of the video was undertaken in the Big Apple. By Design Buzz

First Aid Jacket

First Aid Jacket

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, but what is the most important in this case if timely first aid. By Design Buzz

UI iPad app to make group work more intuitive


Back in the good old days, having a team collaborate on a group project translated into people huddling over a bunch of papers on the meeting desk where people would be free to provide inputs via doodles and gestures or silly drawings that served as rough drafts. By Design Buzz


Human Powered Vehicle - oRo
Rising fuel prices and pollution levels have triggered designers to come up with vehicles that come smothered in eco friendliness. By Design Buzz

Scamander is the go-anywhere, swim-across-anything RV from England

Sprout Ambient Infant Monitor

Sprout - Infant Monitor
Being a new parent can be very grueling for first timers especially if they have a packed schedule to work around. By Design Buzz

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

Sea Cleaning Drones

The problem of ocean oil pollution is a serious threat to the natural environment and its wildlife that often proves too much for people to handle alone if not overlooked altogether. By Yanko Design


The first of its kind, the 2Wheela is a concept vehicle that merges the practicality of super-compacts with the spaciousness of vans. Confused?! By Yanko Design

Friday, May 25, 2012

Frog eBike 2012

Ever since the birth of the bicycle nearly two hundred years ago, designers, builders, and manufacturers have been inspired to evolve this two-wheeled mode of transportation. By Frog Design

Defining and Discussing the Meaning of "Jugaad"

Have you ever wished, when reading a thought-provoking book, that you could invite the author to lunch and simply talk about his or her ideas and inspiration? By Frog Design

Design Communities & Spaces

While the internet and the buzz of social networking sites have helped like-minded people find each other and build online communities, there still is an extended arm to these social communities. It involves live interaction with multiple viewpoints, ardent discussions and debates with an eye open towards creative innovations. By Frog Design

Redesigning the Shopping List

“One of Albert Heijn’s greatest strengths as a company is our ability to understand what the customer wants and translate that insight into innovative products and services.” - Dick Boer, President and CEO. By Frog Design

Disruption by Design

As Ralph Caplan defines it, "Design is a process for making things right." This definition captures the optimism of design, and it implies our fairly natural intuition about when a situation is “wrong” or broken. In this TEDxSMU talk, frog Creative Director Kate Canales argues that design is something we come by quite naturally as humans. We design our way around broken systems everyday. The trick, of course, is to figure out how to apply that tendency to bigger and bigger issues. This talk is about the little things Canales has seen that give her hope about our collective ability to design for those big problems. It is also about her belief that there will almost always be a thing in design, but the thing itself is not what matters. What matters is what the thing makes us do.

The Future of Cities

The Urbaneers

TED Fellow Mitchell Joachim and his team at Planetary ONE are going beyond green to re-engineer Brooklyn, New York’s most populous borough. By Frog Design

Cities in the Digital Age

For many people, the draw of cities is their pulse and flow, the veer and crush of humans, our shared machines, the vertical, the symmetrical, the seemingly impossible. By Frog Design

Biking in the Future Cities

Stories of Change

Recently, frog Senior Interaction Designer Alex Tam and Associate Creative Director Dave Chiu were invited to participate in the Stories of Change Impact Lab held at Tomorrow Partners in Berkeley, California. By Frog Design

Monday, May 21, 2012

This Gizmo Lets You Draw A UI On Paper, Then Turns It Into A Touch Screen

This Gizmo Lets You Draw A UI On Paper, Then Turns It Into A Touch Screen

You’ll just have to watch the video to appreciate the amazing possibilities of the SketchSynth, created by Billy Keyes. By Fast Company

iPad App Retells Frankenstein, And Hints At The Future Of E-Books

iPad App Retells Frankenstein, And Hints At The Future Of E-Books

Can technology really help us explore classic stories in new ways? By Fast Company

Audio-Powered City Map Enables Geolocated Eavesdropping

The ability to hear anywhere on a map sounds even more juicy than seeing it. By Fast Company

A Cafe Where You Can Ride Your Bike On The Roof

The roof of this bike rental shop and cafe in southern China is actually a functioning cycling track. And it’s climate-appropriate, too. By Fast Company

Reinvented Clothes Hanger Won’t Ruin Your Necklines

To Get To The Root Of A Hard Problem, Just Ask “Why” Five Times

In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries argues that returning to the question of why five times cuts to the quick of a problem. By Fast Company

Friday, May 11, 2012

33 Creative QR Code Business Cards

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode designed to be read by smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.  So in today’s collection we have compiled 33 creative business cards with qr codes. Enjoy!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Extending the Experience Beyond the Device

Companies have come to realize the importance of offering engaging experiences to their users, lest they risk losing them to competitors that have invested time and money into improving their product and service experiences. By UX Magazine

5 Ways to Create Better iPad Applications

We've just passed the two-year mark of the iPad being on the market. And with a second milestone of 200,000 iPad applications on the App Store nearing, there's no better time than now to reassess how to approach the UX of iPad applications. By UX Magazine

The Process of Co-Designing with Users

Codesigning software

The practice of co-design allows users to become an active part of the creative development of a product by interacting directly with design and research teams. By UX Magazine

Tutorial: How to design a chatroom iPhone UI

In this tutorial you'll learn how to design an iPhone user interface for a forum and chat based mobile application.

The app involves a handful of everyday touch interface elements, such as buttons, input fields and touch gestures. By Webdesigner Depot

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Philippe Starck thinks deep on design

Ideo and HCD Connect has just launched HCD Connect, an on-line platform designed specifically for users of human-centered design in the social sector. Whether you’re a small farmer in West Bengal, a teacher in rural Alabama, or an NGO employee in Ethiopia, HCD Connect can help you share stories about specific challenges you face everyday, find inspiration in “human-centered” solutions that meet the needs of the poor, and learn from others’ insights and experiences.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finger-Friendly Design

 Finger-Friendly Design: Ideal Mobile Touch Target Sizes
Smaller touch targets are harder for users to hit than larger ones. When you’re designing mobile interfaces, it’s best to make your targets big so that they’re easy for users to tap. By Smashing UX Design

Mission Transition

Life and nature are one big transition. The sun slowly rises to mark a new day and then slowly sets to mark the end of the day and the beginning of night. By Smashing UX Design

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breaking Through the Glass : Designing Digital Experiences Beyond the Screen

As smartphones continue to cement their position as the digital hub of the consumer universe, and people engage with digital experiences across an increasingly diverse range of devices, the term "user experience" encompasses an ever-growing array of interfaces and contexts. By UX Magazine

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Sketching Secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci

You can improve your sketching and paper prototyping by adopting some of the methods used Leonardo da Vinci in his sketch books.  Leonardo was a prolific sketcher, filling his journals with over 13,000 pages of notes and drawings.  These 5 sketching lessons will make you a better thinker. By Big Design

Leonardo's Kitchen Nightmare

Leonardo lookin suave

Some of Leonardo’s projects failed because of their execution. The strange tale of Leonardo’s “Kitchen Nightmare” plays out like a Shakespearean “comedy of errors” where a visionary designer’s experiments all work perfectly to extremely disastrous results. By Boxes and Arrows

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taihoo Concept 2046

Taihoo Concept 2046

Designed to agree with the aesthetic needs of the Chinese youth culture, the Taihoo Concept 2046 by designer Huang Hao anticipates the personal transportation needs for the young people in the country and caters to their specific preferences and lifestyle. By Design Buzz

Creative cellphones that make communication easy for visually impaired

 Squibble cellphone 

With rapid advancements in mobile telephony in recent years, gadgets like cellphones have become an inseparable part of modern lives. But still a great number of visually impaired people around the world cannot reap the benefits of these modern tools. By Design Buzz

Electric Vehicle Charging System to make charging fun for travelers

One of the major deterrents for people looking to trade their gas guzzlers for EVs is that current EV charging systems along the highways are not reliable enough and users have to wait around with nothing to do while their vehicles charge. By Design Buzz

Solar Bus Stop uses induction charging to power electric public transport

Created specially keeping in mind the requirements of electricity run public transport in the Dutch city of Noord-Brabant, the ATC Solar Curve Bus Stop is an innovative and ambitious project. By Design Buzz

Lophii Bicycle gives penny farthings a fresh lease of life

 Lophii Bicycle

Inspired by the movement and proportions of the predatory lophiiformes species of fish and the form of the penny farthing bicycles that were immensely fashionable in the late 19th century, the Lophii is an urban commuter bike that has been created to introduce the element of fun for sightseeing groups and tourists. By Design Buzz

Spherical Car Concepts for a splendid ride

Roller Sphere

Spherical car concepts are one of the most futuristic, energy efficient and space smart designs that can carry several people at a time. Being space smart, these cars have less chance to be stuck in traffic for a long time. By Design Buzz

Wanna be a game changer?

Co.Design sits down with Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman, who embarked on a study of game-changing companies and netted smart insights on how branding must change. By Co.Design

Andriod design


Good website calling out best practices when it comes to learning how to design exceptional Android apps. By Developer

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Designing the modern atlas

It is often the case in interaction design that the best solutions simply get out of the way, allowing the user to achieve their goal and get on with their life. With Google Maps, this is certainly the desired outcome. By Core77

A day made of glass, part 2


One year ago Corning, the upstate-New-York-based glass manufacturer, released a concept video called "A Day of Glass." Now Corning's at it again with "A Day of Glass 2." By Core77

Frog future or fiction

Good article regarding innovative ways and unexpected solutions for rethinking how wind power could be harnessed through leveraging existing infrastructure or incorporating it into new infrastructure. By Core77

A multi-tool for shutterbugs


A multi-tool is a handy thing to have on a camping trip, particularly with tools for opening cans, removing bottlecaps, and cutting or manipulating materials. Manufacturer Gerber has also recognized that a crucial part of the experience, at least among today's younger set, will be recording the weekend goings-on for Monday morning upload to Facebook. By Core77

Zooka Bluetooth speaker


Portland, OR-based design studio New isn't, um, new to the portable audio game: their portfolio includes work for the likes of Logitech and UltimateEars, among other high-profile clients. However, the "Zooka" bluetooth speaker marks Patrick Triato & co.'s first foray into the exciting (and, at times, lucrative) world of Kickstarted product design. By Core77

miniMe and the future of integrated health care

4-check-biometric-data-on-smart-surface-468px.jpg After over 40 years of pioneering work in the Life Science industry, a multidisciplinary design team at Ergonomidesign put together their take on the future for the Health Care industry. Their challenge was to envision the future and develop possible solutions for the world to test, use and reflect on. By Core77

Designing for failure

Planning for setbacks leads to successful behavior change. By Continuum

Design makes social change

Harry West, designer and CEO of Continuum, an innovation consultancy company with offices around the world, explains why commerce is a very powerful leverage when we speak about social innovation. For a designer, to improve just a little a product, for example a diaper for the chinese market, that will be used by millions, and make it cheaper too, is a first great step for a real social change. Same thing for financial products that in Latin America will be able to improve life of women, really.

The future of healthcare design

Five takeaways from the Mayo Clinic Conference. By Continuum