Saturday, November 24, 2012

Groups Make Change

 We live (and work) in a world that is saturated with design and innovation, and not just on the shelves of the Apple store. The language of design and innovation is increasingly standard business parlance.

frog’s Connected Care Solution

As technology disrupts established healthcare systems and the traditional patient-provider dynamic, frog introduces a prototype Connected Care Solution (CCS) that seamlessly connects doctors and patients and supportive communities.

Berry Plastics Design Center

How We Work - Frog Design

Bill Moggridge- What is Design?

Rembering Bill Moggridge: 1943-2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Origami-Inspired Kayak Folds Into Compact Carrying Case

The 12-foot-long Oru Kayak folds into a small, flat package for storage and transport.

How James Dyson Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary

Twenty years after he launched his business—now a multinational enterprise with nearly 4,000 employees and $1.5 billion in annual sales—Dyson, at 65, still radiates a nuclear inventor’s heat.